Flower photo experimental

not the best by far but this is what I did
first of all fitted a 10x filter to the camcorder and set it up on a tripod in front of the flower made a short recording. then when in an editing suite grabbed a snapshot which is above. at least the background wasthrown well out of focus if nothing else

It’s very nice BUT your compact camera would have produced exactly the same photo except without the tripod or any accessories and in a far better quality.

What would be fascinating would be an interesting video made using this equipment showing what you actually intend using it for. To be frank using thousands of pounds worth of sophisticated equipment to produce a worse quality photo than a less than couple of hundred pound compact camera doesn’t make much sense.

Sorry to be so negative but I am really keen to see what all this expensive equipment that you buy can really do.

Bruce if you really want to know what this expensive equipment can do why don’t you buy one as well and find out for yourself? It is not that expensive anyway, only cost £14 for the Len’s

That makes absolutely no sense. I am sure the camera cost a damn sight more than 14 pounds as did the tripod.

You are the person telling us all about your new equipment.


and you happily share photo after photo of all the equipment that you have bought but when someone suggests that it might be a good idea to make a film(s) demonstrating what this equipment can actually do you get all defensive and rude. Surely you don’t just buy it to photograph and stick in a drawer somewhere? Isn’t the whole point to produce better videos and build on the triumph that is “Rhino Run”?

It was only a day ago you were complaining about being bored,

…yet when an opportunity to relieve that boredom with some creative output presents itself you say stupid things like that?

What on earth is going on with you?

Is that really necessary? :man_shrugging:

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Well, knowing nothing about photography other than you point your phone at things and press the button, I think it’s a lovely photo.

I love the colour and the way the definition on the flower, especially the bud, is so crisp :+1:

Thank you Maree. As the heading It is an experiment not really completed as the aim is to video insects close up moving etc . At the moment the flower photo from a video clip was to see if using a closeup lens worked or not. I did try to see if anyone had attempted anything like youtube first but apparently not.The problem is this time of year no bugs/insects around and the weather against as well.

Everyone is entitled to comment about the idea whatever part of the world they live in,may seem crazy to some but it is my money save hard for, and how and what I spend it on is up to me.

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Aw, don’t get sore, life’s too short :hugs: I’m sure nothing was meant

I’m looking forward to seeing your future efforts, sorry about the lack of insects though, maybe you could experiment with a fake one on a string!

But don’t tempt fate by wishing, you might get a plague of locusts and then you wouldn’t be bored for sure :rofl:

not sore at all, Just a comment seemed a bit over the top and not constructive. Think this member was having a bad hair day. :rofl:

Hi realspead it’s a wonderful photo the colour the clarity.
I could dive into the flower .

just got this message
“Sorry, new users can not upload images.”
so no more photos from me so it seems

Oh well…
Here’s a different version of that flower after the petals had fallen off:

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I I have been blocked from posting photos. Seems one is not allowed to show what ones main interest is


@realspeed , Must be a joke RS, You are not a new user surely ?
Ignore it !! :-1::-1:

I wondered about that. Maybe there is a capacity limit?

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Blocked from posting pictures.,
It’s surely a mistake …

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He’d lost his TL status earlier for unknown reasons, but has got it back now, which should have resolved the issue.