Panasonic HC-X1500 camcorder

Now fitted up completely with stereo mike etc hood left off

Again a video of the video camera is not really what we want to see, what we are waiting for is an interesting video taken by said camera. So far all we have seen is pictures of what could be a useless lump of plastic and metal.

Get out on the streets of Bexhill with it and let’s see what it can do.

Yes, RS, you must have more recording equipment than the BBC, put it to work. Entertain us. :tv:

Only got the last parts this afternoon . We also have had a light breeze And warning not to travel if you didn’t know. Not going to post any videos from it anyway, past comments have only caused me to not want to.

That’s a shame, RS, because I was hoping for the chance to demonstrate how well I can behave when I set my mind to it. Anyway, if you change your mind, I’ll be as good as gold, I promise. :innocent:

When I watched the video above at the end it popped up this review of the camera, I thought you might be interested.

Still would like to see a video made with it.