What diet works?

Thanks. I think I’ll be ok on the low carb diet but I couldn’t handle keto, that’s less than 30g of carbs per day :astonished:
Short term maybe but long term, impossible. :flushed:

I apparently can’t handle it either. Shrimp Tempura just now was great.

and thats the thing - your diet should be something you can handle long term - because weight loss isnt quick, it is a marathon rather than a sprint - and after you lose weight you want to keep it off - which you wont if you return to old way of eating.

so you want a style of eating that will be good fit for you long term - weight loss all the way to your goal and then maintaining that afterwards.


Did somebody mention ‘Marathons’… :smile:

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Like most people I have tried Slimming World a few times over many years. Just about every week I bump into someone who I used to know at SW and we compare notes and we all lost weight but put it back on again.

The consultants have stock answers to questions people ask, members sit there clapping like sea lions if someone loses a pound, people are told to eat as much of “free” food as they like which I think encourages greed.

People try to come up with recipes that copy the real thing so they can say it is SW friendly. Things like fake Ferero Rocher chocolates made from cocoa powder and some Allbran but tastes like a bit of old lino. No thanks!

If you have time and energy to make all your meals SW friendly you will lose weight but once you go back to ordinary eating you will gain again. I would rather eat what I enjoy but in much smaller portions.

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Not to be too smug about it but I don’t need to go on a diet.Since my 70’s my appetite has lessened and I don’t want to eat as often or as much as I used to.Perhaps it’s an age thing or just me?

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That goes for most diets - as long as you stick wit h them you will lose weight and keep it off.

But if it is only temporary and once you have lost weight you go back to your old way of eating, you will put it back on again.

Much better to find a way of eating that you can maintain long term - weight loss and beyond into weight maitenance.

Conclusion after 4 days of trying again on dieting. Its not worth it. Thank you all for the notes. Time to try proportions and exercise again.

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You have to sort out in your mind why you want to lose weight, health? mobility? aesthetics? mental well being? only when you are sure of the goal should you start any weight loss programs. Imo


I track all my meals in a free app called “MyFitnessPal” I takes a little effort to continually log your foods but it really helps to keep you on track. This is the sort of data I got back from logging my foods last week.

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After many years of living with a sister who was always on various diets, her conclusion was to keep it simple, don’t weigh everything or try to work out the calorific value.

Reducing portions, and exercise,was the best way for her. Making the whole process complicated bored her to tears!

Ha Ha…That sounds frighteningly similar to the description Mrs Fox used to tell me about SW Rose, although it did do the job for a year or two but unfortunately all the weight has returned threefold…It was nice living with Claudia Schiffer for a while though…


It is easier to lose 6 stone if you are 21 stone than to lose 6 lb if you are 11 stone.
Unless you are grossly over weight enjoy who you really are.


Nope, not grossly overweight, trying to get healthier.

yes, me too - Ive never been grossly overweight - but I have been a bit overweight and am now back in healthy range.

MadRalph, I have used myfitnesspal too - not for everyone (what method is?) - but I found it very useful too.

Bottom line - to lose weight you have to eat less than you burn - whether you do that by just cutting portions, or logging tightly with an app or following a Weight Watchers of Slimming World system or whatever - it will work if it reduces calorie intake and you stick to it over time.

(and if possible exercise more too)

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