Will you be voting for the Conservative Party in the 2024 UK General Election? (poll)

Will you be voting for the tory party?
  • Yes!
  • Hell No!!!
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Curious what you all think - though I’m pretty sure a lot of people across the country won’t be!! :101:

Here’s what many Brits think:

Also good on Carol Vorderman, she’s been very vocal about the inequalities they have been responsible for.

Her website for strategical voting:

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You get a lot of shy Tory voters, though

And they’re a loyal bunch, I think more than you expect will hold their noses and vote Tory in the hope their party can improve rather than cross the line and vote Labour

Some may just not vote at all

And while some may go for the Reform party, most will realise that’s a wasted token protest vote at best that might help Labour get in

The Tories and their chumocracy hold this country in a vice like grip to exploit us for their own ends and profit

Don’t expect them to give it up that easily

I think the result will be closer than you hope and maybe a nasty surprise :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I’ve got a tenner riding on the Tories winning :frowning_with_open_mouth:


It won’t make much difference if either of the two contenders win, they’re two cheeks of the same backside.
One can only hope that enough other parties succeed, more Independents etc. to get a hung parliament, but that’s too optimistic.
Reform won’t win one seat but will probably split the tories in some places.


Vorderman repeatedly asked to stop advertising for toxic loan firms, she eventually did after many appeals to her morality.

Vulnerable people lost everything having trusted the loan firm she was the face of

No Rwanda flights to take-off prior to election, no wonder he called it early.

I do wish we had PR as we desperately need change with a common sense Party at the heart of power.

Labour won’t improve anything, the nation will go bankrupt from vast spending, enterprise crushed under regulations, rental supply will collapse, massive population increase


That sounds exciting.

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A quick election is wise, got to pre-empt the global pushing up inflation again.

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As if anybody would take notice of plastic woman. :rofl::rofl:


Yes, I think calling the election now is clear evidence that no Rwanda flights will take off any time soon If there was a ghost of a chance, he’d have waited to have the election after

I would also like to see PR, the U.K. is one of few sticking with the “winner takes all” system

But I doubt it would return the one “common sense” party you want, more likely a coalition?

Research shows there is less disenchantment with democracy in countries where there’s PR, especially if they return a populist leader, left or right

I’m of the “vote for anyone to keep the Tories out” school of thought, because I believe Tory ideology is inherently immoral and evil

I did say I’d never vote Labour again until they committed to rejoining the EU but I would if I lived in an area where they had a chance of ousting a Tory candidate

As it is, I will join Swapmyvote and promise to vote LibDem in return for someone voting Labour in an area where they stand a chance

Do I think the Labour Party would improve anything much?

Not really, they are far too right-wing and self-serving for me

But the Tories would carry on making things worse and continue exploiting our country for their own ends

And Labour would be better than the Tories for some of those at the bottom of the pile, at least temporarily and hopefully it would disrupt the Tory chumocracy a bit, they’ve had it their own way for far too long

And it would be less embarassing internationally to have them representing our country rather than a disgraced and corrupt Tory party

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I find it difficult to imagine voting for the Tory party who have presided over a 15 year experiment in cutting services and penalising those in need under a mantra of tax reduction and small government. This experiment was already failing when they put Truss in to evidence that if you do even more of the same, try to do that ‘even more’ even faster - and were surprised when it almost trashed the economy. So, no I won’t be voting for the party of reduction, pot holes, poverty and overall delivering a poorer Britain.


It’s a two horse race for our seat between SNP and Conservative so I will vote Conservative. Conservatives hold the seat at the moment with a small majority.

I believe how one votes should be up to the indiviual and a secret vote, hence indiviual voting booths.


Its not what folks are saying, its in which box they put the cross RS.

no way
Why a secret…I don’t get that whatsoever… :thinking:

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Absolutely not …and I’m in a safe Labour seat as a result of boundary changes for this one.
Although I suspect my old seat will kick the Tory out this time as in 97.

Isn’t it a bit early to be asking this question - or is everyone just going to vote for the same party/candidate they always do without listening to policies of each party and then making an informed decision

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You make a very fair point.
Your comment also raises another problem with the UK’s voting system. It can become unclear whether you vote for the individual candidate or the political party. Thus you can have an excellent local MP but one who is in a party with policies and personalities you do not like.


I’m thinking of voting Labour for the first time. Not sure yet.

I think it’s fine on a forum like this to ask because nobody has to reply and if they don’t no one will notice

But I don’t think in real life you should put anyone on the spot by asking them directly how they vote That really is between them and the ballot box unless they choose to share and can get awkward

And let’s face it, a lot of people do tell you without being asked!