What's on Netflix

did I mention that I have watched it?


The Golden Hour

Six part series, terrorist attacks in Amsterdam

I enjoyed that!

Last night I watched The greatest night of pop on Netflix.

It’s an 80s documentary about the planning, rehearsal and recording of USA for Africa ~ We are the World.

What a nostalgic experience! If you love the 80s era then it’s a definite must watch!

Those were the good old days. Some of the artists have since passed on.

I have started watching “The Defeated” on Netflix. It takes place in Berlin in the immediate aftermath of the war and the divided city. I wasn’t sure I would like it at first after abandoning a few less than interesting series but am quite involved now, there’s murder, espionage, prostitution and total devastation.

I’m on season 2 of “13 reasons why”. I love teen dramas. Probably my mental age…

is this one of the dubbed over in US accents foreign productions?

Nice to see you Minx

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No I don’t think so, it has German and Russian with subtitles and UK accents too.

However I have watched dubbed series on Netflix eg Gone for Good and found them perfectly watchable even with my native British xenophobia, there’s even a Polish one on my list which has obviously been dubbed by pommies (haven’t watched it yet).

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As I am getting near the end of The Defeated I thought I would have a look for another limited series and came across One Day. I have only watched one episode but it looks promising.

@AnnieS - lots of pommie accents, no dubbing :wink:

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If you need a lighthearted film to take up the odd 80 minutes or so you could do a lot worse than “The Breaker Upperers”. It’s a Kiwi film, but a lot of fun.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had started watching “One Day”.

I am already on the final episode. It is an absolutely brilliant series, couldn’t recommend it enough. Only half hour episodes but incredibly watchable I ended up watching a couple each day.

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Falling for Figari - Netflix

A delightful tale with good music and handsome men

Am watching “Operation Buffalo” , it’s a six part series based on the Maralinga atomic bomb tests in the 1950s (apparently Yorkshire was double booked that week).

There is espionage, murder, dirty tricks, government incompetence and so much more. and quite enjoying it. 55 minute episodes.