What do you think of home deliveries (supermarket)

what is your view on supermarket home deliveries? We think they are great, no more tramping around a supermarket


Late OH used to get them for us when he was unable to drive any more, but I wasn’t impressed, I prefer to go to the supermarket & select my own. During this horrid Covid it was & still is my only outing.

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I will be honest and say that I’ve not used supermarket home delivery for a few years.
Maybe I’m a fussy beggar but I get annoyed at receiving three dozen yoghurts that need eating within two days, or not picking my own fruit & veg, or having the wrong thing or even nothing delivered because they don’t have what you ordered.

I can fully understand that it suits some people and especially this past year or so, but it’s not for me.

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I did them a lot during lockdown, but the more I started going out and picking up bits and bobs, the less I used them. I wasn’t impressed enough to continue using them really - although they were a lifesaver at the time. Too many things out of stock, substituted, or a day before the use by date, for my liking.

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I’ve had my shopping delivered for many years and I would never change back to trawling around the supermarket for my weekly groceries. I do visit the supermarket occasionally for a browse and to see what is on offer but it’s more of a leisurely wander. Throughout the pandemic I was on the supermarket’s list of people who had priority because I am of a certain age and so I never had to worry about getting a delivery slot.

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Never had the need for home deliveries for food shopping.

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I don’t mind tramping around Supermarkets. I like to be able to chose the cut of meat for myself, rather than relying on what they decided to put in

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I find home deliveries from Waitrose fantastic.

A few months into lockdown I contacted Waitrose as a weekly instore customer who was vulnerable and they allocated me a priority status for getting a delivery slot.
The delivery drivers all wear masks and are friendly and helpful , they pop the order just inside the garage on a sheet .
Everything is fresh, if it is on or near the expiry day it is free,
I can choose or not to have ‘substitutions’ and if the substitution is a larger size of the same item you only pay the price of the small version.

I never though I could accept home deliver but I have been pleasantly surprised.


I must add that our meat and fresh veg are bought from local shops

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If they help give some people jobs which self-checkout tills are slowly eradicating, then good oh.

Have used them from time to time in the past, mostly for bulk buys (such as when we used to get large bottles of pop, or loaves of bread when we had a chest freezer).

Don’t tend to use them nowadays, largely because going to a supermarket is at least one reason to get out of the house.

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In the normal way of things I loathe supermarkets - they are like Dante’s ninth circle of hell as far as I am concerned and to be avoided at all costs.

Having said that - I have nothing but praise for Sainsbury’s - during the awful lockdown period they have delivered everything I have asked for - only a couple of substitutes - always on time - always cheery, helpful drivers. My local butcher also did free deliveries during lockdown. I really missed cheese and fish though - which I would never buy from a supermarket anyway.

I will continue with Sainsbury’s deliveries for the heavy stuff - cat food, cleaning products etc., but am enjoying the freedom of my Saturday morning excursions again - into to town to the market for fresh, local grown veg, not forgetting a visit to the cheesemonger and fishmonger.


Are you referring to Iceland?

Dante's Inferno Ninth Circle of Hell: Punishments & Description - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com.


You sound like Mrs Zaphod, and that’s why I’m the one that does the shopping.


Don’t even go there - they are one of the worst shops ever!

They’re the only place that stock frozen slimming world meals though.

We’ve got a “warehouse” version not too far from us.

Not sure if they do home delivery though.

I can’t remember ever having a home delivery ,wishbone,:grin:…I walk to the shops, I load everything that I buy into my rucksack, and a carrier bag, a bit limited to what I can buy, but I’ve always managed to buy what I need,:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I saw a home delivery van once. Ooh, it was lovely and green and white, with at least 4 tyres, and it had obviously been washed recently.

The inside looked ever so organised, with shiny racks and, oh, ever so many baskets. Every one of those baskets even had codes on them so the driver knew which household had ordered what. Mind blowing stuff. Nearly had an orgasm when he took out a little scanner and pointed it at one of the codes.

I literally fell over with shock and amazement when the driver opened a little door on the side and there were some frozen goods behind it.

I really thought I was going to pass out, it was just soooooooooooooooh amazing.

I just had to rush home and phone all my friends about it. They were literally amaaaaaaaaaazed too.

I used to love being able to pick my own food (like items with the longest best before dates or the nicest looking veg, etc) but have to admit I’ve grown to really like home deliveries - it saves me about 2 hours every week as my closest Waitrose is in Cardiff: half hour or so there, half hour back and usually an hour in the store - or longer if I end up chatting to someone :lol:

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I love it! I never have to leave home. I’m isolating as much as possible.


Mind you, it’s been mightily useful for when we’ve gone away with friends to a hired cottage to have a delivery van turn up with most of the essentials.

An absolute must in, eg, Northumberland.

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