Which supermarket do you use most? (UK)

Following on from @wishbone’s thread What do you think of home deliveries (supermarket) - which supermarket do you use… and what do you think of them?

Which supermarket do you use most or for your weekly shop? (UK)
  • Aldi
  • Asda
  • Co-op
  • Farmfoods
  • Iceland
  • Lidl
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Morrisons
  • Ocado
  • Sainsburys
  • Tesco
  • Waitrose
  • Local Green Grocers / Butchers
  • Other (please say in thread!)

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(Perhaps our non-UK residents can start similar threads/polls for their country too? :blush:)

Edit: Oz version here: Which supermarket do you use most? (Australia)

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I have used Waitrose since it opened here but try to use the organic shops like Green Link when I can, they take in produce from small local organic growers. Also the local fruit farm which has PYO and their own rare breed pork in the days when I ate meat .
Waitrose happens to be the nearest Supermarket to me if I discount the little Co Op which has limited choice.
I occasionally go to M&S but not since lockdown 2020.


Lidl and Tesco. Sainsbury’s…M & S when at my sons.:grinning:

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It’s one of the two closest (along with Morrison’s) and, importantly, it has those ‘guns’ so you can shoot your wife… er, I mean, so you can scan everything as you put it in your bag and you don’t have to queue up at a checkout.

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I use Asda mostly these days but my Husband uses Tesco because it’s nearer if he goes shopping.
I do like Lidl and I buy a lot from there and I love M & S but don’t shop there too often with it being not so near, it’s a bit expensive too.

I’ve never visited a waitrose in fact I don’t know if we even have any round here. Sainsburys is the last on my list only having shopped there a couple of times, not because I don’t like it but because it’s too far.

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We always use Tesco, apart from it being nearest I believe we save quite a bit from using the loyalty card. They send us money off coupons every so often and it’s for stuff we buy on a regular basis. When they compare prices to other supermarkets they don’t take that into account. And finally, like JB, I love using the ‘Scan and shop’ facility, you only need to pack your stuff once, and there’s never a queue…

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I use Lidl if I want fresh food I’m intending to eat quickly, Morrisons for a few bits to stock up on plus chilled foods: cheese, ham etc. Tesco - on Thursdays (golf club is next door) - checking the clubcard offers beforehand; and Asda when driving to Newport for various hobbies. There’s only one Waitrose and that’s in EAST Cowes which disgusted the seasonal residents of Sea View!!

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Mostly Tesco. And we get ours delivered to our door.

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I think that they’ll all eventually move over to that system.
Mind you, it’ll end up with all the check-out ‘girls’ being sacked, I’m afraid.

Me too. Some ASDA stores have handheld pads which you can borrow, and I think all you can use your phone in all Asda’s to scan and shop.

I think a few of them might now be employed to collate shopping for click and go (or whatever it’s called) and also home delivery customers.

Hopefully, but you know how the minds of big businessmen work.

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I alternate between posh, Booths, the family firm that Waitrose wanted but couldn’t buy, and cheap as chips, Home Bargains, also privately owned … :shopping_cart:

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I’ve never heard of them before Omah! I’d love to see more high-end supermarkets round here, such as Whole Foods - but only because of the quality and their policies on things like pesticides and fertilisers. Waitrose have self-imposed bans on some pesticides that are legal but where there is mounting concern. I think some of these are outlined here: https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/content/about-us/our-farming

Was curious to see what Booths looked liked so had a quick look on Google:

That looks like a small one - most Booths are 'Oop North and larger, for example this one in Garstang, Lancashire:

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Think there’s one in Clitheroe. But I might be remembering wrong.


What do they look like inside Omah? I guess the closest alternative is Waitrose? How do they differ?

One thing I loved about Waitrose is years ago they were very heavily focused on organic/natural products - for instance their ‘beauty’ isle (soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants, etc) used to have some amazing organic/natural stuff - now, they just seem to carry the same range as supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsburys, which is very disappointing and takes away a big reason why so many people liked it imo.

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Indeed there is … and I’ve been there, too … in fact, I’ve been to most branches:

Full Store List


  1. Barrowford
  2. Burscough
  3. Carnforth
  4. Chorley
  5. Clitheroe
  6. Fulwood, Preston
  7. Garstang
  8. Hesketh Bank
  9. Longridge, Preston
  10. Longton, Preston
  11. Lytham
  12. Penwortham, Preston
  13. Poulton
  14. Scotforth, Lancaster
  15. St Annes


  1. Kendal
  2. Keswick
  3. Kirkby Lonsdale
  4. Milnthorpe
  5. Penrith
  6. Ulverston
  7. Windermere


  1. Ilkley
  2. Ripon
  3. Settle


  1. Hale Barns
  2. Knutsford
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