US Election 2024 antics

It seems almost daily now there’s some crazy headline about the US election. Instead of creating a different thread for every crazy thing, I’ll just put them all in one place.

Around the time of the Superbowl

Trump taking credit for Taylor Swift’s success long after she was successful.

It will only get nastier as the months go by - if it’s possible for Trump to get any nastier. Nothing that comes out of his mouth surprises me anymore.

Politics has always been a cut and thrust arena but Trump brings it down to the nastiest and most immature level I have ever seen in my life.
What does surprise me is that there seem to be plenty of Americans who are still supporting him - just listening to the vile rhetoric he spouts in those rally speeches would be enough to put me off voting for such a nasty, vindictive person.


Nasty and more than a little crazy. Trump is now promoting the Taylor Swift conspiracy theory. Let’s consider this - a very senior politician wants people to think that a pop star is at the centre of a secret service attempt to thwart him. That sits at the pathetic side of delusional.


German carnival float in Düsseldorf today

Considering the Nazi symbol is banned from being used in Germany, I’m surprised to see the Nazi symbol cut into a USA flag and paraded on a float like that.

I think I get the message they are putting across - but using a Nazi symbol to do it reflects badly on the people who have made and displayed that symbol, in my opinion.

Just imagine what an outcry there would be if Trump supporters cut a German flag into a Nazi symbol and paraded it in the streets of a city in USA.

One cannot criticise Trump for inciting hatred, then publicly parade those symbols of hatred against him.
Double standards.


So in other words, just a place to castigate Donald Trump…I don’t see any crazy things about Sleepy Joe, and by gum there are plenty to choose from…

Apparently the house of representatives is basically refusing to govern at all on Trump’s orders to make the Democrats look as bad as possible. Trump isn’t even in government and he’s responsible for a big part of it not functioning.
I don’t even think he’s interested in politics he just wants to make lots of money.


It is a pathetic attempt to stay in the news. Trump knows nothing of government issues, foreign affairs, nor does he care. He only wants to distract, sensationalize himself, and it seems to be working. We should not even report on whatever nonsense and ridiculous topics he chooses on a daily basis.
What a delusional fool he is, and the people who close their eyes to common sense, and somehow jump on his imaginary bandwagon.


I felt the world was a safer place under Trump

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See- that’s it, right there!
You have been drawn into the unpleasant name-calling which Donald Trump started.

It is very telling that you use Donald Trump’s real name yet you refer to Joe Biden with the rude and immature nick-name which Trump first coined.
Why would mature adults do that?
Trump has a habit of using these infantile nick-names for his opponents - and he manages to brainwash his supporters into adopting these silly nick-names too.
Trump has been such a bad influence.


You clearly didn’t live in the US at the time.

Up to Covid I was there at least 3 times a year for 3 weeks to a month.

But that has nothing to do with I thought the WORLD was a safer place under Trump.

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Really? First, the world was never “under Trump”. He was president of the US 2016-20 but any increase or decrease in conflicts / risks / tensions at that time, around the globe, ran parallel to his presidency. They were not necessarily created, stopped or curtailed due to his presidency.
Second, the claim the world was safer does not seem to be backed up by a record of conflicts around the globe. There were lots before, during and after his presidency. See:

Third, Trump actively worked to destablise international pacts and blocs - such as NATO and the EU. He was conciliatory to Putin when Putin needed sharp slap down. Especially after the annexing of Crimea in 2014.
I think the world will be a much more dangerous and less stable place if Trump wins again.


Yes and while Obama and Bush were in charge we became part of some of those conflicts.

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True. One of the things you can be confident of with Trump is that he is isolationist and not going to put the US military or US funding in to help any other country. He is damning Ukraine to Russian rule and most likely risking the Baltic states to go the same way.

How romantic is that? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When it comes to his current wife – and the matter of raising campaign cash – Trump remains a determined softie.

Under the headline “This is a Valentine’s Day letter from Donald J Trump”, the message sent out on Wednesday began: “Dear Melania. I love you!”

It then took its unexpected turn.

“Even after every single indictment, arrest and witch hunt, you never left my side. You’ve always supported me through everything. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without your guidance, kindness and warmth. You will always mean the world to me, Melania! From your husband with love, Donald J Trump.”

Recipients who clicked on one of three big red invitations to “send your love” were directed to a page offering the chance to send a “personalised message” to Melania – and to donate to Trump’s campaign amounts ranging from $20.24 to $3,300 or “other”.

Unbelievable … :astonished:

Big clue there that it’s just a business relationship just like everything else with him.

"Secondly, Trump’s Middle East policy, and foreign policy generally, was reckless, chaotic, and a disaster, beginning with the Muslim Ban and the weaponization of Islamophobia to produce a hateful and divisive atmosphere. Trump overturned decades of policy on a whim, sharpening regional tensions and bolstering extreme right forces in all the countries. A second Trump presidency will be no different.

In fact, by promoting the most reactionary forces in Israel and the region, Trump helped set the stage for the October 7 massacre and the Gaza genocide."

During his presidency, Trump had a symbiotic relationship with the corrupt Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, was wholly aligned with Jewish supremacists, religious zealots and fascists, and the extremist messianic West Bank settler movement, and boosted their power at every opportunity.

There’s a lot more.

I know nothing about American politics and would like to know why someone like Trump was voted President first time.After 8 years of Democrats with Obama.I thought they would be more likely to help ordinary working people(Trump’s base) than the GOP.