UK heatwave: Temperatures rise to 31.8C and could climb further

Of course it has…we are just hurrying it up lots.


There is a difference between climate and weather.

Weather can change very rapidly, think thunderstorms.

Climate changes much slower but the effects are much greater and long term.


Hrmph! So we are classing last week’s 29°C and today’s 12°C as just weather now, are we? :joy: Well I do hope such extremes won’t be happening this winter, because there is no way I’ll be happily bouncing along in minus degrees!

Ain’t that the truth.

I don’t think there is ‘We’ about it Pixie, it just is. And even if humans didn’t exist it would still happen…It did happen, and even worse than it does now.

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Just for balance, well weather wise, Christchurch NZ have just recorded its wettest ever month since records began in the 19th century .

I have a theory about all this.
I reckon it is because the Earth’s axis has changed.

Scientists are saying climate change altered the Earth’s axis back in the 90’s, but I reckon it’s the other way round, and the axis changed first, and that is why we have all these weird goings on.

I shall soon be up for Honours and some sort of knighthood for my master mind. :grinning:

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There was an Australian bloke years ago that reckoned shipping so much iron ore, coal etc to the northern hemisphere was causing the Earth’s axis to change and affecting weather conditions. I must admit I thought he was a nutter but perhaps he wasn’t.

I read recently that there are three cycles that affect the Earth, the wobble in the axis, the direction of the axis and Earth’s elliptical orbit round the sun. They interact with each other as they have different time periods, from memory they are 30000, 40000 and 100000 years (though which is which I can’t remember).

For example It is these cycles that dictate that at the current time the summer in the southern hemisphere receives 7% more sunlight than summer in the northern hemisphere but in tens of thousands of years time this will be reversed.

Well, I thought it was interesting, the name of these cycles begins with “M” and is Russian sounding but it shouldn’t be too hard to look up.

Found it - “Milankovitch Cycles


Hosepipe ban coming into effect for Hampshire and The Isle of Wight from the fifth of August.
Hardly surprising.

So, does that mean the Greenwich Meridian is out as well.

I couldn’t possibly say . . . :grinning:

As I understand it that is why GMT was abandoned in favour of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) because it was not accurate enough.

I’m Hampshire but at the moment avoiding the ban , Southern Water doesn’t supply fresh water they just takes away dirty water in my part of Hampshire.
I can’t remember the last time it rained and no rain for the foreseeable future

Yes, there’s no rain forecast for the next two weeks in Hampshire.
I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we have restrictions in Sussex in the very near future.

This might be something that I keep banging on about on the forum but if we have a dry winter and heaven forbid a dry year in 2023 we really might have some issues next year.


No restrictions here.

The River is very low and being topped up, but that is for the benefit of others.

We had a very wet winter, so the aquifers are full, so no issue with our supplies locally.

The forecast yesterday said it would rain all day today. :cloud_with_rain:

Now it’s dry, sunny all day with a top temp of 19°C. :woman_shrugging:

21/22 the last 12 months in Hampshire have been very dry .
If & when it’s starts raining it won’t stop !

You could well be right Ripple.
I think I should order my kayak now… just to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

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Here in SW France we again had 38+deg today. Ouchers. The worst has been two consecutive warm nights so no morning respite. And no ability to cool the house before the temperature rises again. But. Hope. Tonight we are promised thunderstorms. We can only hope that the lightening is accompanied by lots of rain as all the forests are bone dry and there are enough forest fires already.
Sweaty at the mo tho

They said on the news here, that if/when the storms reach here early next week, that the ground is baked as hard as concrete, so any sudden rain is likely to run straight off the ground instead of soaking in, and will very likely cause flooding instead.
They say it needs quite a steady, gentle rain to give the ground time to absorb it.
Makes sense, I suppose. .