UK election - its all about what the opposition will look like

As today’s voting is underway it looks increasingly certain that the UK will have a new government and that Labour will have the majority of seats. So what becomes more interesting is the make up and numbers of the other parties. And then the actions they subsequently take.
For me, it is clear that there is much to address in the state of the country. Even if the economy is beginning to recover there is such a mess and despair after 15 years of the failed austerity programme. But I wonder if the various opposition parties will get behind efforts to address these issues or act against them.

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I think they (the opposition) will be against them. Its all about personal power these days, not about the country or its people.


The make up of the opposition was discussed here on the news this evening

I have never understood why they hold elections on a working day.

Voting closes at 10.00 p.m. Voting is still possible for those joining the queue up until that time. No joining the queue after that. Many can vote during the day. Retired people like us for instance (we have already voted). There was a trickle of people going in and out of the polling station when we went at 9.00 a.m.

Voting starts at 7.00 a.m, I suppose there will be workers either going to work or finishing shift-work who might vote at that time. I’m not sure if voting on a non-work day would mean more of a turnout. People will most likely find the time to vote if that’s what they want to do.


The car park at village hall was packed and extra voting booth inside, so it appears they are expecting a higher turnout than normal.

Its good if there is a high turn out - and that there is a clear majority for Labour. A small majority would mean the leadership become more beholden to the more left wing at the edges of the party. A large majority means their bleatings can be ignored.

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The word on the Block is. >> Whoever wins. They will Cross Bench >>

:rofl: All the way. 2 Elsewhere.

Wot? The morning after and no comments?

I am been periodically looking at the ABC Live Log about the results

It seems to be more or less what the polls predicted. A couple of interesting things with the Tories losing all their Welsh seats and Sinn Féin becoming Northern Ireland’s largest party. (Told you a united Ireland was a possible Brexit outcome :wink:)

Teresa May lost her seat but Sunak just held on to his.

Teresa May wasn’t standing in the election Bruce - she stood down a few weeks ago. The standing Tory lost to the Lib Dems in May’s old seat of Maidenhead.

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My mistake, I meant that other woman Liz Truss., the cheese lady. Too many Tory PMs to keep up with.

According to our news Labour didn’t win the election as they had about the same vote as last time, it was the Torys that lost it by being useless and hated.


Our area has gone Lib Dem by a good margin after being Conservative for as long a I can remember.

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Cheese and lettuce, to be more precise. Hopefully now Truss will finally get the message that she is not wanted. Bye bye.

Apparently, when she left she was slow hand-clapped - just to ensure she got the message I suppose.

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Only five seats left to declare - so this is the shape of the opposition.

  1. Shattered, massive Labour majority, decimated Tory party with only 119 seats
  2. Huge success for LibDems - 79 seats even though it looked like all Davey did was fall off things
  3. Disaster for SNP now down to 9 seats, postpones independence for decades perhaps
  4. Green party did well to now have 4 seats
  5. Reform roundly failed to translate on ground support to only get 4 seats
  6. Plaid Cymri doubled their seats to 4
    For me the biggest news is that so many moderate Tories have gone that the party now looks a lot like Braverman / Badenoch - so quite right wing compared to previous Tory party formats. So most likely to be entrenched austerity thinking, negative mindset opposition.
    That, and with 9 millions votes together from different parties (LibDem , Reform, Green) being almost as much as Labour total votes - surely there will be pressure for electoral reform?

Late update - Conservative now have 121 seats. But consider that in 2019, led by the lying fake Johnson, the tories got 365 seats. So it turns out that the rotating position of PMs and the many years of failed austerity and the dumbness of Brexit has led to a loss of 244 MPs. Who could have predicted that disaster? (Everyone except folk like Rees-Mogg. Oh, where’s your seat gone Jake?)

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If it looks like I’m gloating… then it is most likely true.
But this is funny, as Marina most often is.


It’s a normal course of events in politics, I suppose, after fourteen years of Conservatives in power, there was bound to be a change.


SNP are away mostly in Scotland.

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True, but helped in no small way by the Tories being so, so terribly bad. In every way.