Two billion people in the world are over 50

…But why do only three of them regularly post in the OFF “Post Your Daily Exercise Routine” thread.

Answers on a postcard please :069:

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Because some people take the meaning of ‘Being Old’ literally Floydy…

You don’t stop because you’re old…
You get old because you stop…

I don’t have a daily routine .
I have a dog which I take for walks everyday .
He also does agility once a week which means I do a fair bit of running about too
When I am in Spain I go for long walks ( hikes ) twice a week and I ride horses at least twice a week doing classical riding ( dressage ) which is quiet exacting .
The horse I ride is no slug so I think I’m doing pretty well.

I try to do the 10,000 steps a day which IMO is pretty good .

I hate gyms with a passion they are so BORING !

If exercise was more interesting more people would do it .

to be fair just because people don’t post on the daily exercise routine thread doesn’t mean they don’t exercise and keep themselves fit, it’s just you three are fitness freaks running for cover there ya go, I just done my exercise for the day running away from you hahaha

It was only a question. I wasn’t having a dig at anybody!

I agree with that, Muddy.

I have rejoined my local gym two, or even three times now, but have left because I found it so boring.
I am not one of those who enjoys posing in front of the mirrors like some of the men there either. :roll:

Other than my yoga three times a week, I would sooner be outside in the fresh air ding something, than using lumps of iron in a dismal, grey walled gym with awful music blaring and the air con nearly blowing me off my bike! :lol:

No gym for me either - I prefer countryside walking … :lol:

I really miss exercise particularly swimming. It’s usually injuries that have stopped me, but i do take the dog out for a walk every day. I’m very active though. But having a routine is so much better.

A sensible and on-topic answer. Thank you, Annie.
It does really knock us for six when we get injured and are restricted, especially when some of us are normally very active and are not as ignorant about their health as some people are. Or is it just because they can’t be bothered with looking after themselves and would rather eat pies? :lol:

Have you realised that housework, gardening, ironing etc etc is all exercise and more rewarding, Floydy? :wink:

I do housework and ironing as well, Mags. No gardening as such though because our is more like a beach because I landscaped it. Very low maintenance except trimming and watering the plants :slight_smile:

I like the sound of your garden Floydy, surely that deserves a picture. :wink:

Well I nearly took a photo, Mags, but it’s a little gloomy out there this time of the year. Come the spring when the plants begin to come out again I’ll be giving it a good overhaul and put some pics on here. :slight_smile:

Because “I swam my lengths this morning,” is what I do every morning Not much point in saying it every day. :cool:

Yes there is, Roxy. You have to post that every day because we’ll be soon on your back if we think you’ve missed a day’s swim :lol:

Ohhhhh you wouldn’t :shock:. Would you?

Oh yes we would, Roxy.
Surfermom, Bob and myself would be installing a private detective at your local leisure centre to check up on you. :lol:

Don’t worry folks. I only started this thread because I’m poorly and feel like an outcast in the main thread :090:

I didn’t say you were? I was making a joke, lighten up bro. :cry:

Please forgive me. I’m not feeling too good right now :hug:

Floydy, Two questions if I may?
Bit of a long post, but I am trying to understand your comments.

  1. Why do you say - " some of us are normally very active and are not as ignorant about their health as some people are." :confused:

Just because they don’t go to a gym, doesn’t make them ignorant. It is just because they prefer other things.

  1. You also said - " I only started this thread because I’m poorly and feel like an outcast in the main thread."

Why on earth do you feel like an ‘outcast’?

Apart from the Music or Fitness, isn’t there anything else that you are interested in?

I have no interest in Politics, and almost never get involved in all those threads, bored to tears with it, but there are so many other topics on the forum from Gardening/Health/Pets/General Chat/TV/Games and even Jokes for men!

Do you mean you feel an outcast because you have no other interests, or because you feel ignored, or what? :confused:

In all fairness, I have never noticed you being ignored, in fact we both know you have a lot of support throughout your present health problems.

If it is because you have no interest in any of the other sections, is that why you feel an outcast? :confused:
If so, you can’t blame others people for that, surely?