This is what a huge number of people think about the toad, Farage

Good photography! Perfectly captured the moment! :081:


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As much as I dis-like him I can’t condone that sort of thing.Politicians like everyone else should be able to walk around without the danger of being assaulted.


The comedy me…
Most important question, does anyone know what flavour the milkshake was?? :laughing:

The serious me…
Agree with Mr Smith and anyone else who agrees, no one should be subject to any form of attack or assault while speaking, irrelevant of whether the people agree or not with what is being said
Everyone has the right to give a speech in safety, i may not agree with them, but i’ll defend their right to say it


Mr Farage spoke a lot of sense, throw the charts out the window, use your gut and your eyes.


What! What happened to the age old tradition of throwing eggs and tomatoes at pollies?

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If they standing up on a platform pontificating and telling everyone how they are going to make life better for all of us,they are fair game.

It was banana, so they say! :rofl:

Throwing food items at dodgy politicians is a great British tradition that should make a comeback and I’m definitely not going to fight for his right to spit his poisonous bilge unsullied by banana milkshake

Nobody interfered with his right to free speech, just reacted to the crap he was pushing

She said she did it because she just felt like it, you go girl, I’ll chip in towards your fine

Because it was glorious and so satisfying, best bit of the election campaign so far :rofl:


Very irresponsible attitude IMO.
What if it had been a politician you agreed with? Or you.


One Day Yonks Ago …we had a stream of Trick or Treats at the door…Halloween of course. . I never really understood what is was all about…But
I just got peed off with what seemed like a constant flow of kids ringing the front door Bell…
That’s it and I got a cup of water now…Trick or Treat the youngster said.
… I said Trick and threw the water at him!

Next morning the front window was pretty much coated in a broken Egg. Chucked at I am guessing in retaliation of my Trick the night before…

Moral of the Story is what comes around goes around…

This time it was only a milkshake, it could be something far nastier like acid, I don’t like farage and all his nonsense, but he has the right to say it without being assaulted…


This is what I believe happened

  1. Pictured woman is on Only Fans. (Fact)
  2. Farage approaches her and suggests the stunt (theory)
  3. Stunt gains Farage huge publicity and sympathy, maybe more votes. (Fact)
    4). Stunt gives woman huge publicity for her Only Fans site, big increase in income. ( more than likely)

Outcome. Win Win situation for both of them and Farage has offered to pay any fine. :joy:


He’s been milkshaked before so he knows it’s harmless.
An obvious set up by the toad.

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Maybe, would not be surprised.

Brendan Cox, widower of murdered MP spare a thought for him and their two children.


The fact that it could give ideas to use a more harmful substance makes me doubt it was a set up.


Hmm, Farage is a master of publicity stunts so to me this is a very obvious one.

A toad, although not very nice looking, is very useful to have around because it gets rid of pests … :wink:


Well said Margaret, and the reform party will surely get my vote… :+1:


They don’t turn into princes. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is the best and safest “pesticide” to rid us of some.


Indeed Primus1. Silly, but serious consequences if it gets out of control.

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That milk-based soaking all too easily have been acid or some other very toxic substance. No! All this kind protest malarkey has to stop🤬
And yes, utter shame on ALL of those who condone such behaviour :-1: