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Yes I like amazon, I’m not a big shopper buy occasionally I buy from them . Great service , good for refunds.

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What is your overall score Ted? (Otherwise the system will take 30% as your final score as it’s the last percentage in your post :lol:)

What percentage would you give it @susan_m? :smiley:

Can’t fault them. I use amazon a lot


Don’t forget to add a percentage if you want to add to the overall score :023:

None of you noticed how the prices have been going up recently then? I’m definitely going to mark them down for that :lol:

Generally ok but have to be careful on goods for sale. Best if possible to see where they source their good from first and also carefully check description of goods. Many times I have stopped just in time from buying as the description is incorrect or lacks enough information.

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Edited mine to say 85%.

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@Azz …Gosh, this must be making an awful lot of work for you Azz if you’re having to split each post off into a thread of it’s own.

It’s only till people get the hang of it and post threads in the section themselves (which anyone can do) :023:

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Can I ask … if I wanted to rate the Kindle book downloading service do I start my own thread or can I tack my post, and percentage, on the end of the existing thread created by Caricature?

Start your own thread if you want your score to be counted :023:

The system will only count the scores in the first post of threads in the reviews section - so leaving a score in someone else’s thread won’t be counted.

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Okey cokey :023:

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Will I be paid for my review ? Or is the forum getting some dosh for promoting Amazon.

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Your name will go into a hat. When there are enough reviews, the winner will win a coach trip up to Hull for a slap up bacon sandwich dockside. You’ll have to pay for your own way back though.

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Ah ha, something to look forward to then :grinning:

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