Review: I think Amazon are great

I think Amazon are great.

These days when it’s so hard to find the item you want in the stores, you can usually be sure, you will find it on Amazon… and probably cheaper too.
I think some stores need to wake up to the fact that overall, Amazon give a better service than they do.

I have ordered some items from Amazon in the morning and they have arrived later in the day.
Amazon, never seem to quibble, if you want to return something that you are not happy with. I have found, returning items to be effortless.

All in all, they give a good service and many of the High Street stores, should take note and watch out!!
I have always found their delivery people to be friendly and obliging.

I give them…98%

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I agree … I’ve ordered items that only amount to £4 or £5 and they arrive the next day…and free delivery as I’m a member of Prime… brilliant service. 95% is my score for them I would have given 100% but I’ve never had to return an item so I felt unable to give full marks