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ah yes !! a beam me up scope

OK I’ll be the fall guy for this one - that is a modern version of an alarm clock heh???

Get online almost anywhere with a fast and reliable internet connection with the Avtex AMR985 mobile internet solution for Caravans and Motorhomes.

3G/4G/5G compatible low-profile antenna
Ability to toggle between campsite Wi-Fi and 4G mobile network
Dual unlocked sim slots to assist mobile coverage
Dedicated phone line and remote access support 7 days a week

erhmm just a mo ? - I remember goin on many caravan hols in UK years ago before mobile phones ; no tv’s may have had a portable radio and that was it ?? - we went for the fun of being away from normality for a while ?? - even you spittie would remember those days??

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We never did Holidays bret, circumstances and all that!

oopa thought you said circumcisions and all just for a minute!!

That’s no skin off my nose!

thought ya lost all ya skin with that jackhammer action years ago??

I’ve heard that caravanin is havin a bit of a downfall in the UK especially on the steep hills??

I sincerely hope so, want a bit of peace and quiet, the more Brits that bugger back off to Majorca during the summer the better!!

Bought the unbreakable dinner set for the Moho

And one of these to compliment the onboard cooker, and the external electric induction hob

I have to get a connecting hose made for the barbeque, but the guy at the caravan shop ask what the fitting was on the van because there are two types, I didn’t want to guess and get it wrong so I came home and photographed it so I can go back and make sure I get the right one

The monitored Tracker is now being fitted along with hardwiring the dashcam, not long now, the tele and internet connection to sort out next

you haven’t sunk to plastic crockery have ya spittie??

all the stuff and you will be having take aways

I know max, we have to cover all bases, just in case.

ya mean just in case Prince william calls in wiv his kids like?

or in case Mrs Spitty says we are having a night in

eefin hell just get in the wagon and take off and h ave some fun ffs!!

Excuse me, only extreme youngsters can have “fun” when its pitch black and pi55ing down :grin:

ya mean ya losin ya touch ? - how about the missus - oh feck haven’t lost her again have ya???

I keep tellen ya not to buy these expensive hobbies that ya can’t maintain dunni?