Planes Bikes and Automobiles

Seems a good idea to put all of the above in one place.

Spent this morning fitting High Torque servos to these wings. Because of the surface area of the ailerons, each wing needs two but because they are operating in opposite directions, its best to check the set up is working in tandem before proceeding any further.

always made sure that when riding my tandem that the torques were very very high thus ensuring the passenger always followed close behind?

All clever stuff Spitty.

My late OH would have got on very easily with you Spitfire, he ate & slept model planes. He made, over the years, far more that he could ever fly. He was a perfectionist & all were built properly.
His model flying club buddy sold all OH’s planes for me after he died.


I wish I had met him Tiff, I am forever an apprentice perfectionist.

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I think you would have got on really well.:slight_smile:

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Nice modelling fella

Bloody hell Spitty!
Won’t they make your arms tired flapping them great big things ??
Is that what the servos are for ?


Just about to place an order.

A sixty something won’t be wheeling though.

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When you can’t be arsed to pedal no more you can chose a Bomber, a sur ron, or one of these.


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that’s what we needs spits - I bags first drive!

Lazy bastword.

well fruitie is asleep already in the back and yuz is dashin around organizin bikes - I am just tryin to keep ahead of the adventure? - is it too late to start now it’s 5.30aM HERE!

Probably, you need to be here, in three weeks, the journey starts in Clent, not Clint.

Yawn Pooh bear where is that bear when we need him - I’m tired lets start tomorrow spits?

Are you tired and tested, may have asked this before, should have been named Arthur Askey.:wink:

Pauline cut off his supply of honey, now she has disappeared. Back at ya.:lol:

yawn and there we were sitting in a sidecar travelin to wexford?

Co Mayo, that is another story.

ah mayo - can I have it on me toast tomorrow morning spits?