Planes Bikes and Automobiles

That’s me all right, totally law abiding.

Ok, all the legal stuff is done, this is the week of the MoHo. :smile:

oh!! a moho dance in the offing

Went out on the Saracen yesterday, to have a nose at the new Amazon depot, it is built on the fields fifty years ago as kids we used to wander through, where this photo was taken would have been in the middle of a massive arable field, couldn’t for one moment back then have thought I would have been in the middle of that field, fifty years on, on an electric bike, taking a photo on a mobile phone :smiley:

your a man of the world spitty, good on yer

Well, the spreadsheets have come up trumps, two years off the term £10,000.00 off the bill :grin:

hope Bill don’t object

What’s this about, ain’t goin to no site with an open plan Khazi :grin:

Chips are down, is it a MoHo, or a Caravan and a new Tow Car, this needs sorting.

Realspeed would have had an answer :icon_wink:

that sounds like go by train

No MoHo Tax :smiley:

Getting a bit of MoHo fatigue, did a 60 mile round trip yesterday only to find it sold in the interim, not goin to get involved in any sort of frenzy!! :smile:

The boudoir In the MoHo, if all goes to plan.

ah!! the operating table, good start

he does ‘spitfire’ quick cheap surgeries - very popular I hear??- they recipients are often heard to reply - just been spittified - or was that spottified?? or just plain pickled??

Not since getting “Struck Off

The MoHo market is out of control, no jumping on the bandwagon here.

so are you getting a orse an cart now

Watched a 2020 UTube at a caravan show, at which point a brand new two berth MoHo was £44,995.00, we saw a 2021 same model at a dealer this weekend going up at £54,995.00, that’s the market Ok, but that’s taking the piss.

My next door neighbour bought a VW moho 8 years ago for £30,000, just sold it for £20,000