Paranormal activities - have you experienced any?

When I first joined I did try to chat about my experiences and there were some who liked to chat and question but some people made discussion difficult and I decided best to just keep things to myself. You see what I have experienced seems so bizarre some would call me mad or bad or worse . I did at one time post a genuine picture of a spirit girl , extremely clear and 100% genuine but no one seemed interested.

Of course I understand people can’t accept the paranormal or what seem strange happenings unless they experience for themselves, quite rightly too , I’m the same , but I do investigate for myself . I’m open to hearing experiences as it is so interesting , I never dismiss what someone experiences its good to listen .

Thanks for showing an interest Azz

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I wonder where the picture of the spirit girl is now?..perhaps you could resurrect the thread…I would love to see it i must have missed it first time round.


Hi summer I don’t know how to find it but it was a few years back maybe 4 . A house I went to investigate . It really is quite intruiging and a genuine story behind it


Is this the post and photo?


Thank you omah , it seems to be very dark , if the pic is lightened without changing anything at all you may see clearer .

The original pic was taken thus

The young girl who’s face i have taken out for her privacy , you will only see half her face and shoulder length hair , she is wearing a leather jacket tweaked on the shoulders. She was in her small kitchen , her mum sat at the table , young girl took a selfie , when she looked at the pic , behind her left shoulder a very young girl , looking slightly away , in the original pic it’s much clearer and lighter , you can see her cheekbones eyes and lips she is about 15 ish at a guess . There is a window and it’s Christmas so a hanging decoration is seen , . The back of house is inaccessible as its on a railway line and a deep cellar below window. I went to help as mum and daughter refused to stay in house. Noises had been heard and jangling necklaces in wardrobe during the night .

Cutting a long story short during investigation I looked at pic and the spirit girl is holding a cat who is looking at camera , I asked about this cat and she was killed years earlier outside house. The cat has ginger on top of head . I was shown pictures of the cat

I’ll post more later as am about to pop out . I’ll try post original pic next



Here is a better pic , all I’ve done is lighten it , I have not changed the photo at all .

My questions were

As the window can not be reached from the back as its high up in a cellar, so no one could be behind the window .

Was the spirit girl in the room or was she behind the window , she was not seen by mother or daughter

When girl looked at the pic they were both so afraid they left the house

I can assure you this is not paradolia ( thinks that’s correct spelling ) this is the best pic of a spirit person and genuine


OGF no the picture was taken on a mobile phone , I don’t know which make , interesting thought though, like you I look at all possibilities. Its quite intruiging to wonder if the spirit girl was by the window , in the window , she couldn’t be a reflection as wasn’t actually in the room . Room size maybe 9ft x 11ft .


I’ve split these posts into a new thread Susan :smiley:

When we were kids one of the girls had an ouija board… and brought it round our house once. Anyway we ere doing this board and me an my sis were moving it on purpose so we just took it as a bit of a joke. So the same night I was upstairs and on my way own something flew in my way and I never ran so fast going down those stairs and it freaked me out for weeks!

I think what happened tho is there must have been a jacket or something on the banister and because the stairs were split, I must have knocked or unbalanced it on the way down and by the time I got around to the second bit it had caught up with me!

Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway :043:

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Here are some of your posts I found Susan:

Spirit girl:


The Battersea Poltergeist on BBC


Only this morning I had a supernatural experience, I was on my walk and came across three council workers repairing the road. All were busy with some tool or other. I had to stop and watch, it is not something you see everyday.

I shall be reporting the event to the Australian Paranormal Society at my next seance.

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Tell the newspapers…you could be rich by midnight! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why just yesterday morning, I experienced what can only be described as paranormal activity.

I witnessed my son taking out the garbage bin for the trash collectors… imagine that!

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Make of this what you will but a true story

My little grandsughter was about 18 months old still In a cot , she kept telling her mummy that there was a man under her cot and pointing to the floor , she was very good with clear words and communication. I went to stay overnight and daughter had gone out , bedtime came and I popped her into her cot .

" nanny the man with stumpy feet is there and he keeps tickling my back " I said I can’t see him darling , but she kept pointing, strange she should say " stumpy feet " not a phrase we would use , she rarely watched television so Itcouldn’t have come from there . "OK I said I’ll sit on the floor and have a chat with him , shall I ask him to go , " yes she nodded .

I sat on the floor while she hung her head over the cot watching me , I told the invisible man with stumpy feet that J was living with us now and we would take care of her , I thanked him for looking after her but said he could leave her with us now .

Little J never mentioned him again

Of course many will say child’s imaginary friend , may well be , but what is imaginary?

Where did the words stumpy feet come from .

Tracy my niece now in her 50s had an imaginary friend from about 4 yrs of age , he even had his place and plate at the table . Daddy had to hold his hand when walking . He stayed until she was 12 ish . One day he said to her I’m leaving now as you don’t need me anymore . She asked him not to , but never saw him again. She tells me he was very real , his name was oobie .

Imagination , maybe , maybe not

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Three men, standing in the street, holding their tools? No…that’s not something you see every day! :rofl:

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Yes to the question and posted about it a couple of times before.

For those of you interested here is an interesting video with Robin Foy who, with his wife and 2 friends, scientifically studied the paranormal for 5 years . It’s known as the Scole experiment . Their basement in their home was set up and used to communicate with beings , spirit , whatever you want to call them , everything is documented. Well known scientists attended the sittings . After 5 years of dedicated work, the scole experiment closed immediately one night after a communication from the future communicators told them it was dangerous to continue . Sounds unbelievable , then take half an hour to listen to Robin tell you their experiences . It’s fascinating


Erm… I have premonitions sometimes and I am sensitive to my surroundings. The stories I could tell but won’t.

I used to be susceptible, now I ain’t, don’t feel no better for it!

Why not?