Over 50's Club Scotland

Morning Rox. .Glad your head is ok now. Weather isn’t great here either this morning getting fed up with it. Waiting for nephew to come and assemble bedside tables for me, Then the hairdressers later then some food shopping.

Morning, It was wall to wall blue sky and sun a couple of hours ago when I got up. Should have taken a wander on the beach then, now there’s no blue sky only clouds that are getting darker by the minute. :cry:
Hoping it will clear and I can go to the beach later, am having withdrawal symptons from the ocean, out for dinner tonight and I’ve agreed to return to the village pub afterwards. Trying hard to get myself back to normal.

Morning. No blue skies here just rain and that cold wind, just turned the heating on. I miss my walks along the prom, when the weather picks up I’ll get the bus down and for a visit. Still have to put things away in the bedside cabinets, then over to the shops seen a blouse I liked in M&S.

Afternoon. Weather not very nice here still that cold wind. Nieces, dad cut the grass yesterday and today after six weeks holiday in Australia, looking really good. Started knitting baby hats again to pass the time.

Morning, It’s so cold here, raining on and off since yesterday. I can’t believe I’m back in Polo Neck sweaters with a hooded jacket if I have to go out. The fields roundabout are flooded and if your daft enough to step into one then you sink up past your ankles.
No plans for today, just take it as it comes.

Morning. Still a bit cold here as well this morning, sun is out and I haven’t been out the door yet. Hairdressers later then try and get out and do some weeding in the back garden.

Afternoon, Still cold here but at least it’s dry today…So Far. Been to the pool and got the messages from Tesco on the way home. Took a stroll on the beach before lunch and now enjoying a new Agatha Raisin Audiobook and an Online Jigsaw.

Morning. Rox that’s good that your back at the pool and walking on the beach. Still cold here as well and the odd shower.Had my nephew round yesterday doing a few odd jobs for me. Hairdressers later and then some food shopping.

Morning, What a day, so cold wet n windy. I was soaked before I even got to the car to go to the pool. Think it’s going to be another at home day…Sigh.

Hi there. Anyone watching the football match tonight? Looks like Munich is completely in the hands of the Scots with bagpipe tunes to be heard everywhere.
Let this be a peaceful festival of people from all parts of Europe and may the better team win. :soccer: :scotland: :de:

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Afternoon, It’s actually been dry so far today, been popping in n out catching up with weeing ect. Need to cut back some of the bamboo but it’s soaking wet, I’ll get drenched if I do it today.
Not sure if we are out for dinner tonight, actually I’m in the mood for a Fish Supper n peas from the great chippy in the village.
Sorry Dachs, won’t watching any football, can’t stand it or the fights that accompany it. Swimming, surfing, and high board diving are my sports. :+1: :swimming_man:

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That’s OK. I’m a tennis player actually and definitely not into club football for the same reason. At my age I just got used to watching international tournaments.

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Morning, Well the rains back…Again. Himself went to the Chippie after all last evening and got our dinner, we spent the evening catching up on recorded telly and scoffing.
No plans for today, see how it unfolds.
Been spraying strong airfreshner first thing, walked through the house and was hit with the smell of day old chips lol. Bet his Land Rover stinks as well.
Have a nice day.

Morning Dachs you’ll be loking forward to Wimbledon, Rox I’ve not had any good fish and chips for ages. Met one of my friends yesterday for some lunch and shopping. Today its housework and then a walk to the shops for a Sunday paper.

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Afternoon, Dry at last :slightly_smiling_face: been to the pool and got a few things from Tesco on the way home.
Got the washing done and on the ropes, now just pluttering about pulling weeds, they have loved the wet weather, wee scunners :roll_eyes:

Afternoon. Dry here today and the sun came out. Got the washing out so it should be dry. Went to Primark and bought a dressing gown and coat hangers, then some salad stuff for dinner which I really enjoyed.

Morning up early today as I’m away down the road to Perth for a while. Several family birthdays coming up and a big family getogether. Got the summer (haha) jobs to do at my place too, also needing a root round the clothes shops that I like.
Want to redo some of my wardrobe and there’s nothing I can get here.
Leaving in a few minutes as I want to get past Inverness before the rush hour starts, the A9 is just nose to tail then as folk try to get into the City for work, also it’s getting busy with all those damn motor homes.

Drive safely Rox. I know the A9 so well. Driven up to Wick from SE England so many times over the years. Take care and stay safe.

Good morning. Rox safe journey and enjoy the celebrations with the family. I’m not buying more clothes unless I need them. Hi EZ, don’t think I’ve seen you posting before. Made a start on tidying up the front garden yesterday and will try out and get out again today weather permitting.

Morning, Got to Perth in just over 5 hours, road was good heading south, but heading north was very busy.
Waiting to see my dentist just now. Then some shopping.