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Looks like We have a (part 2)
confused?..Aye Me too,

An amber weather warning has been issued in Glasgow this morning for heavy snow.

The warning was introduced overnight and came into effect at 5am, continuing until 12pm today.

Think I’ll be having another stay at Home day Today,

Morning, This is weird :roll_eyes: :thinking: May I saw the warnings on the News it looks like what we had last week. Yes stay at home not nice.
Apart from walking The Hairy One I’m not doing much.

Good Morning Each,heavy rain has washed all the snow & ice away so off into Town after breakfast for a gallivant around the shops,
won’t need My skis,just My brolly, :grinning:
Have a good weekend All,xx

Afternoon, Glad you got rid of your snow May, I wish ours would go. It was wall to wall ice when I went out with the dog and I was terrified of falling despite the ice grips on my boots. I didn’t thank heavens, but that daft dog took a mad fit dashing everywhere and charging at me in play. It’s a bit like a runaway truck heading for you.
Home for the rest of the day, don’t even feel like eating out tonight, we were going to but I’m all stuffed up, headachy and sore all over. Sure I’m going to get a doosy of a cold…Oh Joy.
Enjoy the W/E everyone

This was the path into the woods earlier…Quake.

Well I kinda spoke too soon this morn when I said all the ice had gone, because by the time I had showered,dressed,breakfasted,the whole of the Ave’ was covered over in ice again with patches of black ice on the paths & pavements. :unamused:.but undeterred I ventured forth and was so relieved when I reached the bus stop safely…took My time around the shops in Town getting odds n ends,and by the time I reached Home the ice had all melted again…so…I’ve lived to fight another day :laughing:

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Supposed to be about 12 degrees on Monday so maybe mark that down as a day for any outside things, shopping ect.

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Hi Rox,I think Jean & Jessie have got lost,
Yoohoo Lassies…We’re in here. :cold_face: :wave:

Maybe they met up for a drink and got snowed in, lying on a pub floor somewhere sozzled. :joy: :tropical_drink:

Good evening, just found this site again. All the snow and ice seem to have gone from here thank goodness. Was out early yesterday with Libby, because the carpet fitters were coming. Carpet laid and it feels all nice and cosy here. Never went out today just to the garage to get the decorations in, so tree will go up tomorrow.

Good morning Folks,temp’ up but still frosty/icy here,
Joints giving Me gyp so just keeping My feet up and relaxing for the rest of the day,
Have a good Sunday All xx

Good morning everybody. A bit warmer here but, there is still some frost out there. Libby is coming round shortly and we’re going shopping for a few things. Had to borrow her older Dyson as mine cant cope with all the gunge from the new carpet.

Morning, Still cold here but I can feel a thaw in the air. Went to the beach for our walk today, no ice just very cold sand. Popped into Tesco for a few things on the way home, need to muck out the stable shortly and catch up with the washing. Hoping the forcast is correct and I can get back to the pool tomorrow. It’s been 10 days since I was last there and my joints are not happy.
Have a good day and keep your fingers crossed for it to warm up. :crossed_fingers:

Good evening still a bit cold here, heating has been turned up a notch. Still some ice out there on some of the streets. Libby came and picked up and took me to Braehead went into Curry’s and treated my self to a new Hi fi, my old one had had its day.

Evening Yes still cold here so heater on and football on extra time
@valentinojess is hifi still on the go :grin: …everyone seems to use phones, computer, alexa blimey
only one week till Xmas…blimey

Evening All,had no visit from Daughter & SIL today as He thinks He has flu,sounded really bad on the phone,temp’,
headache,aching bones,He’s taking the rest of the week off work so he must be ill indeed,no doubt Daughter will succumb too…also call from next door Neighbour asking will I take Their bin out for tomorrow as He thinks He has flu’ too…jeeze…got a glimpse of Him at His back door…death warmed up!..so…from now on I’ll be doubling up on face masks when on buses or in shops until Winter’s over…I wonder if covid is on the rise again? :unamused:

May, it said in the papers that Flu, Covid and something else, (I forget what) is doing the rounds. I think back to masks is a very good idea, I was thinking about doing it myself.

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My dear Scottish members, I laughed so hard that I peed meself! :rofl:

All in jest of course…

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Thanks for the giggle …again…Minx…an old one but a good one. :grin:

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