Over 50's Club Scotland (Part 1)

Hi Dorothy it was nice and sunny here today. I was up seeing Jean today in hospital, they put a trachiotimy spelling in today to get her off the ventilator in a few days.Hopefully she will be getting moved to another ward in a few days.

well that sounds like progress Jess so that’s good and Jean is getting moved to another ward.

Time for beddie byes now night Jess x

Morning girls. A quick pop in before we head out for the day. We’re having a great time in this lovely stylish city. Lovely and warm, but it looks warm where you are too :-D. About time! X

Hi Myra, seen your pictures on FB, it looks like your both having a great time. We had a great time in Edinburgh good weather good food and lots of laughs. Today we went to the Royal Yacht Britannia, and a ride on the open top bus then a late lunch before going home.

good evening girls. Jess seems you had a grand time in Embra, and great weather too. Myra I saw the photos too on FB of you and Martin enjoying his birthday. I must try and get to Barcelona some day. When are you due home? I spoke to my dad on the phone tonight and he’s taken advantage of the good weather and been out and about all over the place…he’s lucky enough to be quite fit for his age so can do that. I am off to a surprise 50th birthday party tomorrow evening with my sister, it’s a friend of hers but we’ve known all that family for years and years and years. The birthday girl is on Facebook so I can’t mention it on there lol. Hopefully will be a good night.

Hi Dorothy your dad is quite right to get out and about while he can.Enjoy the party tomorrow night with Sheila. I got burned today and I was only sitting out for about an hour having lunch.

Jess I hope you had some after sun to put on, it certainly was a scorcher today. I went out on my lunch break and had a walk around the hospital grounds a couple of times. I think it is going to be nice again tomorrow. Have you thought any more about New York Jess?

Hi Dorothy I did have some after sun to put on an will put some sun screen on before I go out. I have thought about New York and I’m game if you are.

great Jess we’ll need to see about getting booked up. Have you had a look at the hotel Martin and Myra are staying at? Hampton Inn Manhattan 231 East 43rd Street. I have had a look on booking.com. Would you be willing for us to share a room Jess? It would save a bit money that way. The room shared works out at something like £280 each for 4 nights, 26-30 November. I must ask Martin and Myra again about the flight, its with Jet2.

Hi Dorothy great news pal, of course I’ll share a room with you it will be great to have company. To tell you the truth I’m hopeless at booking things on line. New York New York here we come.

Yippee girls. NY here we come. I’ll message you on fb. as usual we’ll have a great time.

We’ve been out on the trot all day. Its a wonderful city. We’ve seen so much. Just chilling now in the square. Hope you’ve had a nice day.

that’s me back from the birthday party… woo hoo we’re going to NY… I’m really excited!! I’ve always wanted to go there!! Jess I can book the room for us if you like. I have used Booking.com before so its no problem. I see on FB Martin has sent us a message about him booking our flights so we are all on the same one so I’ll wait until he has done that then book the room if that’s ok. Myra you and Martin sound like you are having a ball in Barcelona… enjoy the rest of your break

Hi Dorothy hope you enjoyed the party I’m sure you did along with Sheila. Really looking forward to New York as I’ve always wanted to go there. That’s fine about booking the rooms as I sad to Martin I’ll give him a cheque for booking the flights.

hello everyone, nobody been here for a couple of days… It must be all the excitement of getting booked for New York! Monday again and back to work after the weekend. Not too bad a day really and it went in quite quickly. Still that dull cloudy weather and a bit too cool again for my liking. I am going to have a few days sunshine in Salou in Spain with my sister though at the end of September so am looking forward to that too as well as NY. :smiley: :cool:

Hi Dorothy t must be all the excitement of getting booked up for New York, Does that mean your going to have a suntan when we go to New York ? Was up seeing Jean today and she was quite cheerful she knows what you are saying to her and she and she squeezes your hand. We all do our best to make her laugh. I’ve to go and pick up my new glassed tomorrow so its a good job we’re not going to Pitlochery this year.

Jess that must be good to see Jean responding to you being there. I am sure she looks forward to your visits. It will be what is keeping her going in the hospital, all her family and friends around for support.

Dorothy I go up when ever I can, at the moment her sisters are there most of the time and her nephew and brother in law.

Hi ladies :-D. A quick pop in before I get organised to go out with Scott for dinner to the usual place ;-). He was working here at court today and again tomorrow, so it’s easier for him to stay here. Joanne is in Marbella with her sister and they look as if they’re enjoying themself on FB :smiley:

Jess, I saw the pic on the closed group on FB, the one with us all in it for your birthday at Rothesay, and I couldn’t help thinking about Jean when I saw it. She’s been through the mill. Thank goodness you don’t know what’s in front of you.

Good to see lots of saggy members joining the FB group :-D. A few outings on the cards.

I was at the eye clinic again today and had to see the doctor. I’ve got eye drops to use and no contact lenses for a while :-(. I look like Nana Mouskouri with these big glasses on ;-).

As usual my desk was a bit of a tip when I went back to work yesterday. I’d been on holiday almost a week, but I’m plodding through things. Nae rest for the wicked.

It was very close here today and I’ve now got all the windows opened. Looks as though it might rain though.

Catch up later.

Hi Myra, enjoy dinner out with Scott tonight and the chat. I know its hard to think that a year ago we were all enjoying ourselves at the party, Jean is a fighter and it wont be long till she is back on her feet. It was really cold here today and I thought it was to be really hot.

Not long home now. Scott is relaxing in his jammies. We’ll sit up for a wee while then I’ll do my usual and go to bed and watch catchup on my Hudl.

It’s a bit blowy out there, but mild enough here still.