Over 50's Club Scotland

I’ve always carried a health warning … now it’s for cholesterol :smile: :smile:

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Morning Jess, You don’t need to buy online, I do as Thurso has so little in the way of shops
When I’m down in Perth I stock up at Holland n Barrett one of the Health Stores, I’m sure there will be some in your town.

Morticia I’ve been taking Centrium capsules now for quite a few years. Rox I’ll look in there tomorrow when I’ve over at the shopping centre tomorrow. Doc sorry to hear that Welsh forum on here has no one posting on there.

Great news! It’s available in SA and there’s great reviews! Thanks for sharing :hugs:

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Take 3 in the morning with your first cup of whatever. It takes a few months to get fully into your system and start working properly.

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Thank you Rox. I will keep at it. :023:

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I Usually have a glass of water in the morning.

so why have all the baldys not used it?,i,ll get some tomorrow lol

Don’t forget … it’ll get all your hair. Even that between your toes :rofl:

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Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

I do as well and that’s when I take my pills. AND, my wee bottle of yakult light. I think lots of folks like a tea or a coffee first thing. I take a bottle of water to the pool with me as well and usually drink it all.

A really cold wind here today. Went into town to get a present for one of my nephews, Then had my hair done after that I headed home for a heat and a cup of tea.

Hi All, it’s not so cold here today, the winds dropped a good bit and that always helps, neither did I have to defrost the car. :smiling_face:
Been away with The Hairy One, did some shopping in Tesco on the way home, and caught up with things around the house. After lunch going to catch up with recorded telly.

It’s not too bad here … dank and dull but not windy.
I’m having a bit of a slothful day …it’s Sunday afterall :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and it was afternoon before I rolled out of bed,

Wasn’t to bad here today either dry and very little wind. Did a few things round here then went for a walk and got a Sunday paper.Out for dinner tonight with the nieces and nephews tonight and feeling full up.

Evening, Not a bad day here so I started gutting out the greenhouse. Washed all the pots, saucers, and tools. Next time it will be the glass inside n out and the tables scrubbed. Getting cold now, to be below freezing overnight… Brrrrr.
A night in front of the telly by the fire will do me fine I think.

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I haven’t done too much … had an amble along to the library because the books I’ve reserved have come in.

@Rox … actually that sounds a fun thing to do. Welcome spring and encourage the light nights.

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I love the warm weather and long sunny days, evenings watching the sun set over the Dunnet Headland with the sound of the ocean carrying over the fields. Caithness Sunsets are a joy to behold.
As for the Winter… Shudder. Not a cold temperature person at all, not helped by one of my sisters rubbing in the lovely hot weather she having out in Auz… Blooming Mare. :rage:

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Sounds bliss … I’m there, basking in the evening sun.

Good morning. Roz cant wait for the warmer weather to get out and sit and relax in the garden and get a suntan. Morticia haven’t been to the Library for ages I usually get books from the Charity shop. Really cold here today after yesterdays sunshine. Went for a facial yesterday after having my hair done. Came out and tripped up on the pavement a lady helped me up then a young man asked if I needed an ambulance and waited with me till it came.It was an absolute nightmare in A&E, I feel so sorry for the staff, got there at six pm and was there till 1 30 am. After various tests I was allowed home but I have nothing more than bruising around my left eye.