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A lovely dog Besoeker.

She’s beautiful

Thank you lovely people. Sadly, Max the collie died earlier this year. We didn’t want another dog but a few weeks later we did want another. The new wee girl is a joy.

Oh I’m so sorry to hear you lost Max, it’s just horrible when it happens. I lost the last of my clan of Old English Sheepies and also swore I was not getting another, it was 5 months later Dageus arrived in my life, he’s almost 12 now and slowing down a lot, I dread the day we have to say goodbye.

Morning, Another wet day, not looking forward to taking Dageus out and getting drenched…Yet again. :slightly_frowning_face:
Not much on today, just a catch up in the house chores and out to dinner at Scrabster this evening.
Enjoy your W/E folks.

Good morning. Its sad when you lose a pet, I had a Jack Russell who was hit by a car and killed. Raining here this morning so will a while before going out to the shops. Some housework first and breakfast before I do anything else.

Morning, It’s blooming cold out there this morning. No pool today as I’m still on every other day just now, thinking about adding another day after the Christmas Break. If it stays dry I might be able to get the leaves raked up this afternoon, they are a real mess and if I rake them I’ll rip the lawns as it’s been so wet. BUT, they may have dried out a bit the last couple of days.
Apart from walking the hairy one and a load of washing there’s not much on today.

Good morning. Its a cold one up here this morning. as well. I still have leaves lying on the ground and will try and tackle them later. Hairdressers then a massage this afternoon. looking forward to it as its been months since I had one.

Having a wee rest after getting most of the leaves raked into a pile, not too much left scattered about. Then lift them into the bin. This balance problem is such a hinderence it alters the way I have to do everything. :rage::sob:
I haven’t had a proper massage for a very long time either, when I go to the Chiropractor he gives my back a good going over so that feels good.

Good morning. Enjoyed my massage yesterday felt really relaxed after it. The leaves here can wait as I think I have a swollen gland, besides that its windy out there. Don’t really need anything form the shops as I have enough to keep me going.

Morning, Sounds like you need a quiet day at home. It’s raining here and gale force winds, I went for a short walk with the hairy one and now I’m home for the day.
What happened to the lovely crisp sunny autumn days we always used to have…Sigh.

Good morning. Went to the Doctor’s yesterday as I was feeling rough. It turns out I have a throat infection, so its antibiotics and painkillers for ten days. So will be staying home for the next few days, anything I need my nieces will bring it in for me.

Ohhhhh Nasty, Sorry to hear that, throat infection is sore and makes you really miserable. The antibiotics should kick in quickly though.
Been to the pool and am heading off out with the hairy one as soon as I finish my coffee.
Very slowly getting through the pruning and already had the first big sweep up of the leaves. It’s the ferns turn this afternoon, I have 4 big ones and they need the dead fonds removed and cut back to the base. About 30 minutes work. I find it so annoying that I can only do a wee bit at a time now. :sob:. That fall back in January has changed my life beyond belief.

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Hi Rox. Any pruning can wit till next year I’m not up to doing it this year, I can only do about ten minutes then my back get sore. . Been lying on the couch wrapped up in my dressing gown and fleece throw takiny my pills and having a nap.

Morning, How are you feeling today Jess? A wee bit better I hope. What a frost through the night the cars are pure white…shudder.
If it stays sunny this afternoon then I’ll do a bit more pruning, before the snow arrives. According to the weather apps we are in for a load of it next week, time to get my ice grips on my boots.

Morning. Feeling a lot better today thanks Rox. Really frosty here this morning so wont be going out again today. Will have to catch up on things in here that I’ve been neglecting.

Morning Jess, Glad your on the mend, but don’t overdo things today. Lots of Haar about this morning can’t even see the water, and it’s very cold. Heading over to Wick to the massive Tesco while it’s quiet. Have a good mooch round in the clothes bit before I get the messages, then a coffee watching the ocean before I drive back.

Good morning. Rox that sure is eerie looking to drive through. Didn’t do a lot yesterday apart from putting a washing on and having a bath, which I really enjoyed. Today I have a painter coming to give me a quote for the kitchen and a small dining area. Not as cold looking out there although I wont be going out today.

Morning, It’s dry but cold here this morning had to scrape the car before I could go to the pool. :cry:
In for a coffee at the moment, sweeping up the last of the leaves as there’s no wind and pulling the snow shovels out of the barn to put into the house cellar, ready for use if/when needed. Want to get finished today or tomorrow as the garden bins get emptied on Wednesday and I’m hoping that’s it till the Spring. :crossed_fingers: