I had a nickname.
It was Samantha Fox.
The boys in high school called me that and it stuck. Highly embarrassing at the time :shock:

Did you have a nickname when you were growing up? If so, what was it and where did it come from?

Big up top eh? :shock:

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Any photographic evidence ? :slight_smile:

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Yea DooD :frowning: but no decent girl wants to be known as the Sunday Times back page girl :shock:

I suppose you can make it out from my school uniform but I did my best to cover up :slight_smile:

Actually, evidence exists. There is a members only thread where I put up a pic of me as a teenager - happy hunting!

Nicknames people, nicknames! Not proof of my nickname.

Me? Slasher.

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I was called Grumbles…I did complain a lot at school, and was the master of the typical teenage “Eye Roll & Sigh” combination. Thankfully I am not in touch with anyone who would remember me, so that’s good. :smiley:

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Seriously TAT? How did you get your nickname?

I would have preferred your nickname to mine any day Pixie :smiley:

Seriously? Let’s just say it had nothing to do with knives.

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Peaky Blinders comes to mind…

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Raven, because of my hair.

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Nah. No violence, just down to my behaviour when on a pub crawl.

When I had to “go” I never worried where I went! Part of my charm.

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My Dad always used to call me ‘Tiddles.’
When I got a bit older it went to ‘Tid.’
I remember him calling me Tid for years. :slight_smile:

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Well that didn’t take very long to find that pic! Easy peasy and it was the second post too!

Even though it’s not a very good photo the pink or orange(?) and white(?) rather revealing
swimsuit looked good Minx, nice legs too! :wink: :slight_smile:

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I can’t repeat my nicknames from school on here because they were all variations of my surname.

My nicknames at work were variously Wrecker, Firebug, and of course, Fruitcake.

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Hmmm. Very intriguing TAT!

That’s very apt Roxy! You have lovely hair :smiley:

That’s so special Mups :hug:
Best years of our lives hey!


Thank you but Back to this thread then…
What was your nickname Baz?