Mrs Fox and me have tested positive for covid

Summer is your daughter feeling any better now? I do hope so.

This is a bit like the God debate.

Thanks for your comments Barry very enlightening, I will take them onboard… :023:

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Of course they are scot, what did you expect the media to say…Mrs Fox and me didn’t go to hospital…

Absolutely @AnnieS …Your health is your responsibility!

Thank God for that … :sunglasses:
Doing great thanks Pesta…(Hugs)…xxx

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Pleased to be of help… :wink:

Thanks Spitty, and I do agree with you, I think Covid will be the long game, and if the taking the vaccine was the right thing to do it will all come out in the wash. I can only speak for myself when I say that I always thought I could beat the virus without the need for the vaccine, so I hope the jab I never had, will save the life of someone more vulnerable…
I’ve been keeping up with your posts by the way, but not contributing as much…

If you have an immune disease, as much as you wish you cant beat it unless the body changes its destructive nature.
I had to consider whether to take the vaccine as I already make anti bodies that alter and cause disruptions to me in various forms.
With the immune system being far more complicated than really known…along with the Brain of course.
My Son has had covid after affects since he contracted it before last Xmas, although well out of the woods months ago, he is not the same person. He is/will be again one day… a bus driver but denied the vaccine at the time.
I had to look through what was first best for me and Husband then also consider the bigger picture.
At the end of my ‘research’ there was an overall positive to have it…
So I did in July.

I feel as passionately about vaccinations as OGF does, but I am at the entirely different end of the discussion.

I respect Bob’s right to treat his body as he see’s fit.

He is committed to his belief that vaccination is wrong.
for him.

My view is based on personal experience.

I caught Covid in hospital, spent days in an isolation pod before being transferred to a Covid Ward.

The isolation pod was bad and took up a lot of staff time to manage.

It was also very expensive as infection control included destroying the covering and a new one provided for the next occupant.

I was then moved to a Covid ward, 4 of us in a bay.

The other 3 died, which was not good.

There was a huge shortage of nurses, some very ill with Covid and we had Army Nurses in.

The working conditions were horrible, 13 hour shifts, dressed in full gear and sweating like pigs.

It was not just the nurses and doctors, it is cleaners, porters, blood takers, xray staff etc.

Intensive care was full up and non Covid Patients died because of that.

That is the basis of my views.

Some people OGF have covid-19 and not realise it. Some people have mild symptoms, some like you more severe. You were lucky not to have had the full blown virus.
Good that you are making a good recovery.

I have nothing against the vaccine or anyone who decides to have it Dianne, I just didn’t think it was right for me, and as it happens, I was right in my decision. I do consider natural immunity (where possible) to be far more efficient than any vaccine in this case, but we are each different and decisions must be made based on your circumstances. I do hope your son recovers fully in the future…

I had no idea that you had such a tough time Swim, but I’m glad you got through it… :023:

Thanks scot :+1: At the time, it certainly felt like the full blown virus… :flushed:

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Yes Pesta thanks for asking Kate seems to have turned a corner…she is still not 100% but getting there


Good to hear Summer… :heart:

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I’m so pleased to hear she’s turned the corner summer. Hopefully she will be back to full health before too long. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi OGF good to see you still around - any walking lately and attached threads??

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Hey gumbud, look around for another thread on here from Foxy. He’s just had a pacemaker fitted yesterday.

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yes I did read about that somewhere here - poor bugger - is that affecting his walking?

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You can read about his operation here. Just click on the orange title and you can ask him how’s he’s doing there.


has he got any more forth or firth coming hospital visits they all sound fascinating I am ghost writing a book for him ??