Metropolitan Police to investigate No 10 lockdown parties - More Fines Issued

Continuing the discussion from Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to face questions on Downing Street parties:

I’d just finished that post when this news broke:

Commissioner Cressida Dick said the force was looking into “potential breaches of Covid-19 regulations” in No 10 and across Whitehall over the past two years.

She said the Met would “police without fear or favour” and provide updates “at significant points” in the investigation.

The news comes after fresh allegations came to light over an event held for the PM’s birthday held in the Cabinet Room on 19 June 2020.

I’m not expecting any damning revelations about BJ from a police enquiry nor any criminal charges to be brought against Ms BJ but confirmation (and details) that all published allegations of “Party-Central” are true would be welcome.

The trouble is, this could work in Boris Johnson’s favour.

Because it is going to delay the Sue Gray report by several weeks

And he’s probably got his fingers crossed that by the time it comes out the anger and howls for him to resign will have calmed down a bit and he’ll be able to weasel out of it

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Johnson supporters engineered having a police enquiry for just that reason

The chumocracy, corruption and cover ups in this country really stink and I think Johnson will get away with it because him and his type have the power and influence and stick together :lying_face::lying_face::lying_face::lying_face::lying_face::lying_face:

Unless Cummings keeps drip feeding more revelations😱

Remind me never to cross Cummings, he’s scary in revenge mode :rofl:

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Number 10 is also Crown Land so any pandemic restrictions don’t apply so no laws were broken.

Johnson should have got rid of his Mrs and kept Cummings.

That would have benefited us all and the entire country.

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I’ve been watching Sky News and The Commons arguing over this. I’m kinda confused. Lock down was in effect. Everyone knows there was a party, they even know it was BYOB. So what is there for the police to investigate? He broke the rules and did so spectacularly. I think this is a case of seeding as much confusion as possible to distract. IMHO


How bad could it get? Here’s the worst case scenario

Home and Legal Correspondent

It’s for the police to work out what they think is important to their investigation - taking into account what is necessary and proportionate in the circumstances.

If the Metropolitan Police find evidence of wrongdoing at Downing Street, the politics of that will be inevitably more significant than the financial impact of any fixed penalty tickets they dish out.

But if officers were to find that their investigation had been deliberately hindered in some way or another - perhaps by the destruction or concealing of information relating to alleged parties - that could lead to an investigation into perverting the course of justice.

That’s the very serious crime of getting in the way of the truth - and it hangs over every investigation.

And back in 2013 the former cabinet minister Chris Huhne and his ex-wife were jailed for exactly this crime when they hid the facts about a speeding offence.

Well, there’s been plenty of concealment going on from BJ, Mrs BJ, ministers and the merry band of “staff” … :wink:

Will all evidence be passed to the police?

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Oh please :lol: :lol:

Chris Huhne committed the crime of falsifying evidence - Huhne deliberately put his wife’s name as the driver of his car to avoid penalty points.

This is just more hysteria from the BBC.

The pandemic laws expire at midnight on Wednesday … tick tock tick tock.

BJ’s total disregard of rules may have taken him, finally, beyond the pale … :thinking:


Yes, I agree, it’s a waste of police time, the guilt is surely there for all to see

The Conservatives are just trying to prevaricate in the hope the hue and cry dies down and he can wriggle out of it, as usual

If he had any decency he’d just fess up and resign for the sake of the country, but he doesn’t, does he? Have any decency I mean?

And I think it’s a ruddy dangerous situation having someone with no decency as our leader with the Ukraine situation getting worse and maybe war in Europe

In a war situation we need a leader with integrity we can trust, and that’s not Boris Johnson, is it?

I bet he’s thanking his lucky stars and Putin for the Ukraine is providing a distraction from his double birthday parties

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He hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet.

I thought the same thing as I watched this morning. Besides being decent. Speaking as a man, he needs to grow a pair. I hate an “adult” who can’t admit they messed up(family friendly version of what I wanted to say). I have immense respect for someone who does take responsibility. Apparently, my view is skewed, or so they’re trying to make me believe. I other words, don’t believe your lying eyes, trust us this is what really happened.

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If Cummings does help boot Johnson, we’ll have a lot to be grateful to him for. But he’s still creepy

Cummings is working to his own agenda. He is not a supporter or a member of the Conservative party anyway.

Booting out Boris now would be catastrophic for the country, all the damage is being made over Boris’ character, not his policies which shows just were this campaign is being lead from. If you want to get rid of Boris then be prepared for a Starmer government because thats what you are going to get.

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Of course he welcomes it, cos it will postpone the Sue Gray enquiry and he’s hoping by the time his pigeons come home to roost he’ll be able to weasel out of it

As it says in red at the bottom of that article, no apologies or contrition from him now, back to his arrogant Teflon self and two fingers up to us peasants who kept to the rules at huge personal cost

Postponing is a smart move.

Get past Thursday - thats the priority now.

I’m not sure smart is the word I’d use, sneaky move, despicable move, shameless move, Machiavellian move, evil move? ……

But it will probably work whatever you call it, mores the pity for our country

I’m not a Starmer fan but I don’t think there not being a brilliant alternative is good enough a reason to keep a liar with no decency as our PM

Just boot the weasel and let someone else have a go, even if they’re mediocre, cos mediocre would be better than corrupt

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Obviously, a Labour government would be disastrous for this country, but who would you trust to take over from Bumbling Boris?

At the moment, Boris is the best of a bad bunch, personally I would like Steve Baker as PM but thats not going to happen, more than likely it will be Jeremy Hunt, the arched remainer.

I don’t have much faith in Liz Truss as PM, she was a remainer too, so was Gove and Sunak is raising taxes so I don’t want him either.

In an ideal world, I would have Farage any day but I don’t think that would happen either.

I don’t have much faith in her full stop! Just look at what she’s done so far regarding the Protocol … nada, ziltch, zip, bugger all except allow the EU to delay negotiations until late May (after the NI elections).

I don’t have much faith in the Met either for that matter.