Liz Truss - Prime Minister

Well just listened to the Liz Truss initial Prime Minister speech outside Downing Street and words sound good now actions…



Soundbites mean nothing - it’s just a bot speaking.


Not heard her speech yet but hope to catch it on the news later.

I sincerely hope she acts on her words…

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Replying to my own thread first just heard Anne Widdecombe say the Conservative party need to grow up and have a cabinet of people who can “do the job”


They all over promise and under deliver - not a decent leader among the lot of them!


It’s my belief Truss can’t be worse than the previous effort

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The reference to “spades in the ground” curiously made me think of cemeteries for some reason. Well they will be one way of preventing people from facing huge fuel bills!!

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The jury’s out on that one … :wink:

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A short not very inspiring speech from Truss who is not a good orator , at least she can’t be a worse PM than Johnson.

ETA just heard she has ditched Dominic Raab, Grant Shapps and Steve Barclay that is a good start …


Why didn’t Liz Truss and Boris travel together to Balmoral to see the Queen, instead of travelling separately?
It would have saved the taxpayer some money.

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Couldn’t it just have happened over the phone, or zoom, on a secure line?


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we have now gone from dum to dummer. I don’t think Liz Truss has got the backbone to control policies promised. Come to that I can’t think of anyone in either major parties strong enough with enough presence to stand out from the crowd. This is a result of a mamby pamby time we are living in with tree huggers and do gooders.
What we need is someone with less mouth and more action to be our prime minister who has the guts to sort the mess out we are now in from either side of the House

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you mean like Churchill?

Or Margaret Thatcher.

Indeed … and here it is:

I have just accepted Her Majesty The Queen’s kind invitation to form a new government.

Let me pay tribute to my predecessor. Boris Johnson delivered Brexit, the Covid vaccine, and stood up to Russian aggression. History will see him as a hugely consequential Prime Minister. I’m honoured to take on this responsibility at a vital time for our country.

What makes the United Kingdom great is our fundamental belief in freedom, in enterprise, and in fair play. Our people have shown grit, courage and determination time and time again.

We now face severe global headwinds caused by Russia’s appalling war in Ukraine and the aftermath of Covid. Now is the time to tackle the issues that are holding Britain back. We need to build roads, homes and broadband faster. We need more investment and great jobs in every town and city across our country. We need to reduce the burden on families and help people get on in life.

I know that we have what it takes to tackle those challenges. Of course, it won’t be easy. But we can do it. We will transform Britain into an aspiration nation…with high-paying jobs, safe streets and where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve. I will take action this day, and action every day, to make it happen.

United with our allies, we will stand up for freedom and democracy around the world - recognising that we can’t have security at home without having security abroad. As Prime Minister, I will pursue three early priorities.

Firstly, I will get Britain working again.

I have a bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reform. I will cut taxes to reward hard work and boost business-led growth and investment. I will drive reform in my mission to get the United Kingdom working, building, and growing. We will get spades in the ground to make sure people are not facing unaffordable energy bills and we will also make sure, that we are building hospitals, schools, roads, and broadband.

Secondly, I will deal hands-on with the energy crisis caused by Putin’s war. I will take action this week to deal with energy bills and to secure our future energy supply.

Thirdly, I will make sure that people can get doctors’ appointments and the NHS services they need. We will put our health service on a firm footing. By delivering on the economy, on energy, and on the NHS, we will put our nation on the path to long-term success.

We shouldn’t be daunted by the challenges we face. As strong as the storm may be, I know that the British people are stronger. Our country was built by people who get things done. We have huge reserves of talent, of energy, and determination. I am confident that together we can:

  • Ride out the storm,
  • We can rebuild our economy,
  • And we can become the modern brilliant Britain that I know we can be.

This is our vital mission to ensure opportunity and prosperity for all people and future generations. I am determined to deliver. Thank you.

Bob the Bot wrote that for RoboTruss … :wink:

it does, however, make it easy to measure LT’s success … or not … :047:

“ We will get spades in the ground to make sure people are not facing unaffordable energy bills”

Not really sure what that’s supposed to mean?


Interesting to hear the protesters in the background with the air horn and playing Tears for Fears Mad World

I fear they may have a point :frowning:


Blame Bob the Bot - there must have been a “blip” in the data input - presumably gardening or building entries … :thinking:

No doubt most (if not all) are those who “saw the light” during the leadership campaign … :roll_eyes: