Could Liz Truss be the last PM of the UK as we know it?

Listening to commentary this afternoon, it was pointed out that she may be our third female PM but, ultimately, she may turn out to be the last PM of the UK as we know it.

Your thoughts, please.

How do you mean - As we know it?

This implies it will change beyond all recognition - but which way are you thinking it will turn last Tango?

I think Helen means if Scotland votes for independence :smiley:

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Azz is correct, Carol …

Living in Scotland, I am continually aware of the FM’s quest for a second Indy Ref. In addition, originally from Northern Ireland and being in regular contact with family over there, I am sensing a change in their attitude to remaining within the UK (unthinkable in the past, but not so surprising now, given the issues caused by Brexit). However, I have to admit it came as a surprise to me to learn from commentary today that support for Welsh independence appears to have grown since the 2020/21 Covid pandemic.

The comment I heard today may have been made tongue in cheek, but certainly gave me food for thought. Personally speaking, I would not wish to see the eventual break up of the UK, but would be interested to hear the views of others.

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I’m confused as to whether The Scots will want to leave so that they can be independent, or whether they want to leave so that they can try to get into the EU, which is not likely to make them independent?


I’d have thought that the issue of EU membership for Scotland has only been kicking around for a few years, whereas the issue of independence from the rest of the UK (meaning Westminster of course) has been debated for decades. So first and foremost Scotland’s claim is to be an independent country, one that is not ruled by England.
Since 2016 there has been an additional pain point for those wishing Scotland’s independence, that being that as a whole Scotland voted substantially in favour of remaining in the EU. This highlighted how Scotland repeatedly has its wishes over-ruled and over-looked by England. So should those wanting independence win a referendum then there will be a debate about seeking EU membership. But that follows independence.
Finally to attempt to claim some parallel of rule from Westminster to joining the EU bloc as both being without independence is frankly insulting. And shows a depth of ignorance on both.

It would appear that other parts of the UK (Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) don’t like the way the UK is being run recently, and I don’t blame them for wanting to go it alone. We might even have ‘Ukraine’ situation if the government get stroppy.
I’m a bit surprised by all these potential independence seekers wanting to break up the gang, only to be run by a bunch of foreigners…Frying pan and fire seems ring a bell.


I’m not convinced that England is entirely happy with the way things are being run either.


I don’t think that Truss will be the last PM to preside over the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I don’t think Truss will be PM long enough for any country within the UK to manage to secure a Referendum and implement a break away from UK during the tenure of Truss as PM.

Personally, I look forward to the day when Northern Ireland can break away from UK and the whole of Ireland can be re-United, without bloodshed.

I’m not sure it will happen in my lifetime - though the polls show that the majority of the younger generations want it - it seems to be the older generation which is delaying the process. I think it will happen one day - but not in Truss’s premiership.


I can assure you that NOT ALL Scotland wants a return to the EU. :roll_eyes: There would have to be a vote on it, I have met very few who want to go back.

As for Truss, she will probably be sliced, diced, and dumped before long.


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It seems that such thinking “is frankly insulting and shows a depth of ignorance”, OGF, as described by an earlier post.


I do sometime wonder why we have this union. Surely England would be better off without having to subsidise the others.

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It may happen, not while the Queen is monarch, though. The grass is not always greener, if Scotland gets another referendum and votes for Independence so be it.

The view of Liz Truss.
Has already made clear her opposition to the Scottish National Party (SNP)’s determination to stage a second referendum on the question in 2023. The government is against the break up, a point to remember.

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@d00d ,l think the reason for having the union might be to do with the
monarchy holding extensive land and properties in the vassal states dOOdy ??

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I’m glad you’re trying to recognise the difference between being run by Westminster and being part of a a bloc. Here’s a simple example. The employment laws for the UK are set by Westminster. This has meant that the UK has been free to determine its own employment laws - even while it was part of the EU. The UK labour market is now the most de-regulated in the OECD, I read recently. Hardly ‘run by a bunch of foreigners’ is it? However, had Scotland preferred employment laws that gave more protection to workers this would not be possible, Scotland had to adhere to the UK laws. Completely run by a bunch in Westminster.
See the difference?

Doh! :grinning::grinning:

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Give them multiple citizenship, make Balmoral an independent state, minor detail in the scheme of things.

Edit … They could hand Balmoral back to the good people of Scotland to show no ill-feleing.

Well them English owning (rather, being gifted by monarchs of old) great tracts of land is a bit rubbish. But being realistic one should also note the great tracts of land being bought by Dutch or Danish millionaires. So Scotland is used to foreign ownership.
However I applaud your correct use of the term vassal state. Whereas its use in describing the UK in the EU is plain wrong. Just so very wrong.

@strathmore ,. But , who do these billionaires,(:Trump included) pay the
money to, is it the state, or individuals ?
If its the state, is that money now residing in the state coffers?
Ditto for individuals ?
The whole question of land ownership needs revisiting imo ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: