Leisurely Scribbles (part 5) (Part 1)

We made a bad mistake there Pug, sure enough we should have stuck with our punts and punted our way out of trouble, now we’re slowly drifting down the Swanee without a paddle.
I made a wise move at the time of the change over, I invested £2,000 in a 20 ounce bar of gold and stuck it in the wife’s safety deposit box in the bank, I see todays gold price is $1,226.60 per ounce, a nice little earner just sitting there, some greedy folks would say I should have invested more, but I’m not greedy and I say be grateful for small mercies.:slight_smile:

Oh to have a bar of gold
To comfort me when I grow old
No use having a stash of cash
Euros are useless and go in a flash.:slight_smile:

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Was old boy was. I don’t know what I should be called now?

God bless the workers, where would us pensioners be without them.:slight_smile:

Get Em’ in Jem, I’ll be over shortly…:smiley:

So true, it is good to count days with a degree of certainty.:lol:

I did much the same when I was TOLD [!!!] that I was suddenly ‘European’ and that as a consequence,I’d have my taxes raised to pay our annual ‘dibs’.

[two world wars and one world cup. doo-dah. etc:038:]

So various items of antique silver-pure silver,plus some rare items of Danish gilt silver,found themselves in a sanctuary;there to rest until common sense once more prevails…or until I say “Sod this-I’m too old for this shit”.
The result will be the same either way. [those Abaco Isles are looking good]

Well Pug after the general election here the politicians are running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who’ll be in power now, I love it when they have to do that.:smiley:


Whatever happened to the Yuppie? some of them would be old men by now, we probably have one or two in the forum. Of all the ‘cults’ that I’ve lived through Yuppism is the least mentioned, why is that? I mean you hear people say my daddy was a Hippy, my grandad was a Rocker or a Mod, even a Teddyboy, Skinhead, Suede head, Punk, but never a Yuppie, is it something to be ashamed of do you think? What does an old Yuppie look like, or are the extinct before they reach old age?Thank God we had no Yuppies in our family.:smiley:

“Yuppism… is not definable entirely by income or class. Rather, it is a late-20th century cultural phenomenon of self-absorbed young professionals, earning good pay, enjoying the cultural attractions of sophisticated urban life and thought, and generally out of touch with, indeed antithetical to, most of the challenges and concerns of a far less well-off and more parochial Middle America. For the yuppie male a well-paying job in tech, law, finance, academia or consulting in a cultural hub, hip fashion, cool appearance, studied poise, elite education, proper recreation and fitness and general proximity to liberal-thinking elites, especially of the more rarefied sort in the arts, are the mark of a real man.” Wiki

…or,as we say,here in the gutter “Look at that jumped-up ponce,living WAAAAY beyond his means in a vain attempt to impress us working men,who pay our council-house rents,happily wear hand-me-downs,don’t give a flying F#CK that the car is 3rd-hand,have NO idea who or WHY George Armani is,have a single grade C- geography certificate between us,[plus Our Jeff’s C&G in metalwork]…and who live by the credo ''If it ain’t on your hip,don’t spend it-SOD credit cards!”
Incidentally…why ‘Middle America’? They think yuppies were only to be found in ‘Middle America’?
Is Murca really so unaware of trends,fashions,styles and fashions outside it’s fetid shores?

You tell 'em Pug.:wink:

I betcha that ‘Guy’ in the photo with the brick to his ear is saying “Right! I’ll be there in five”:lol:

More happenings on the Forum.

Should boxers hammer away as fierce as they can?
Or should we insist upon a ban?
Punching like hell to roll up a score
And ending up unconscious on the floor.
Is it sport or is it not?
To lose the little bit you’ve got.

Carol’s got her list and it’s nearly filled
Of brave souls willing to be grilled
Not many men for questions to be asking
But then we’re not very good at multitasking
It’s “What are you having?” I love to hear
And you can get me a pint of my favourite beer.

The writing of books is a lonely old task
And all your faults you try hard to mask
But a true account of your life should be given
With all the ups and downs of living
But it’s a tricky thing in the writing game
To come up with a good catchy name.
A useful title for the prospective buyer
Is to call your book “Barbed Wire”
(It doesn’t tell you much about the book but it’s very catchy):smiley:

I’m impressed, Jem :smiley:

Jem,that bloke in the photo is saying “OOH,look at my new Faberge’ watch…it tells MUCH nicer time than my dustman’s-and only cost OODLES of wedge!” [please be gentle,when you break it to him that Faberge’ never made watches]
PLUS…I reckon a good name for a really successful author would be Paige Turner.:shock:

Yuppies always seemed to be blokes, and what do blokes share “BOLLOCKS” of course.

Hold up. I have had loads of yuppy women in my taxi in them yuppy days.

There’s always been pretentious posh bints, don’t make um Yuppies though.

It depends what anyone would define a Yuppy as.
It was anyone that worked in the city or Canary Wharf, aged between 20-35, carried a Filofax and a mobile phone glued to their ear, and lived in the dock lands area.
These days exit the Filofax, as all the data would be in the phone.

What about all this coin throwing at Footballers, it is disgraceful, aren’t they on enough money already?

That is a very downwardly mobile word Spitty., never used by Yuppies, they couldn’t pronounce it the right way for a start.:slight_smile:

Ah the Russian egg man, he no maka de vatches, he no maka the stinking badges too, he a busy man and he never hada de time.:slight_smile: