Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

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Part 5, Part 1, good job some folks are impartial.

Is this a new bit? What’s this for? :confused:

Never wanted to Suck it and See. :innocent:

Not a fan of lollipops, personally… :wink: :lollipop:

Reassurance will come with Jembo’s interjection :persevere:

All will become clear. :relaxed:

Is Jem coming over? I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, but I see his name occasionally.

I met you on your introduction Pixie, I mistakenly took you as one of an avalanche of new members who suddenly joined then just as suddenly left, great to see you well and truly settled in now. :wink:

Well here we are now on a brand new boat sailing merrily into the sunset of our years, grasping with technology we only read about in the science fiction comics of our childhood, ain’t it great to be alive! :smiley:

Like I’ve always said, you either readily go along with the times or get left behind to moan and groan yourself into the grave, what’s gone is gone and gone forever, memories are great, but you can never turn back the clock. :smiley:
I only hope Fruitcake doesn’t get eaten on the way over, he’s tasty, very very tasty, you know.


@Jem How lovely to see you over on this side! Yes, there were many other newbies who fled from elsewhere (not me, I was a lone wander who stumbled across OFF while searching for new conversations, and got caught up in the rush) I absolutely adore it here :smiley: I do agree with you regarding changing with the times. Change is difficult, but I think you need to try something before having an opinion. I haven’t seen Fruity around yet, and there are some others too, who haven’t made it across at this time. I do hope they come over soon. We should have left wine and cake by the new forum door…the smell of baking would guide them here! :smiley:

I am under contract till June 2022 and do not want early termination penalties. :grinning:

@Spitty I’m quite sure the law will have changed again by then, so you might find yourself tied in for a lot longer than that! :smiley:

Just a few words about Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

The original idea of doing ‘scribbles’ was because I’m not good at sustaining my concentration on one particular subject, I get bored with it very quickly, especially the serious ones, I’ve spent a good deal of my life avoiding seriousness, not good for a free spirited fella like myself who likes to laugh and enjoy my Autumn years, so scribbles was tailor made for folks who like a quick change of topic and plenty of variety. :smiley:

No need to hasten replies either, reply or post at your leisure, and repent in haste if you want to delete it cos when your five minutes are gone they’re gone, and as far as I’m aware you cannot change it. :smiley:

As usual this thread is open to all except those who wish to engage in serious political stuff, that always causes trouble and it’s trouble we want to avoid, there are plenty of political outlets for that kind of stuff as it is.

Talk about anything you like within forum rules, wild imagination and absurd theories are always welcomed, small tales and tall tales, poems, and the devil knows what, so don’t be shy, let them all out here at your leisure without fear of ridicule, remember “A wise man learns more from a fool than a fool learns from a wise man” (Ambrose Nothingdon 1763}

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Thanks Jem for explaining what this little corner is all about. I didn’t really look at it much in the old OFF, but I can see me inputting random things in here from time to time! :+1:

Well said Jem, Scribbles has been partitioned before, and partisans are welcomed, as are territorials, but not with political tutorials.


The armchairs are more comfortable here than the old place, and the Port is of a better quality, I’m contented with that, cheers! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

According to the BBC news there is a world shortage of sand!!!

It sounds impossible but it’s true, 30 billion tons of the stuff is used annually around the world in construction and the making of cement, seemingly desert sand is too fine to use and beach sand contains too much salt, I never knew that, I always thought sand is sand and there’s no running out of it.

Sand is dredged from rivers and some countries have placed bans on this practice causing illegal operations all over the place, there’s big money involved in sand nowadays, they even have a ‘Sand Mafia’ and one investigating journalist was murdered.
Seems there’s more to sand than meets the eye.

The prices in the building providers over here have gone through the roof (pun coincidental), the daughter had bought several sheets of clear plastic corrugated roofing for her greenhouse just before this corvid thing, she paid about €20 a sheet, however she was a bit short and went to buy another sheet of the same stuff, they only sell full sheets and wanted €90 for it!!!, I needn’t tell you where she told them to stuff it!.
She was lucky in the end, a neighbour she was talking to had half a sheet left over from her greenhouse, and she was able to complete her work.


Had a postcard from an old German workmate of mine Hans Jergun, a brilliant engraver, we worked together for three years back in the sixties, he’s retired now and living in Canada with his daughter.

I hadn’t a clue how he found me after all this time, but then I remembered he was at a couple of hoolies in our house so he’d know the address, great to hear from him and that he is keeping well.

Incidentally while on the subject, I went to Germany once with him to visit his father, a sister and a niece, his Mother and two of his brothers were killed in a train crash not long after the war.

One thing that stuck in my mind was his sisters huge backside, it must have been three feet across, I hope she doesn’t hold it against me when I mention this, her name was Daisy and she really enjoyed her food.

When his Father introduced me to the family they were together in the living room to greet me, I remember him saying.

“This is Rita, Hans niece, and Bumsy Daisy”

I think I ought to be shot for that one, but I couldn’t resist it. blush.

Daisy bought a new bikini when I was over there and asked me that dreaded question, you know the one women ask and you don’t know whether to laugh or lie.

“Does my bum look big in this?” :wink: :smiley:


You are not the only one with the mechanical challenges Spitty. :wink:

My youngest grandson is space mad, he has asked me to build him a spaceship in the back garden, no problem says I.
Everything was coming along swimmingly until I got to the propulsion bit, so I asked a friend who is a professor of mathematics in Belvedere College to give me a dig out, he emailed me the answer, now all I have to do is to figure it out and the wee boy and me will be off to the moon.
I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest notion what he’s on about, where’s RJ when you need him.
Here’s his email:

“A set S of integers is computably enumerable if there is an algorithm such that: For each integer input n, if n is a member of S, then the algorithm eventually halts; otherwise it runs forever.
That is equivalent to saying there is an algorithm that runs forever and lists the members of S. A set S is Diophantine precisely if there is some polynomial with integer coefficients f(n, x1, …, xk) such that an integer n is in S if and only if there exist some integers x1, …, xk such that f(n, x1, …, xk) = 0.
Conversely, every Diophantine set is computably enumerable: consider a Diophantine equation f(n, x1, …, xk) = 0. Now we make an algorithm which simply tries all possible values for n, x1, …, xk (in, say, some simple order consistent with the increasing order of the sum of their absolute values), and prints n every time f(n, x1, …, xk) = 0. This algorithm will obviously run forever and will list exactly the n for which f(n, x1, …, xk) = 0 has a solution in x1, …, xk. “ :confused: :confused:

I was particularly impressed by the bit where it says “will obviously run forever”, ideal for my grandson’s rocket, although I may have to hire a private detective to find out if “N” is a member of “S”, then I’ll have to get a set of Integers at the hardware shop, preferably steel ones as the plastic ones would melt with the heat, all that could prove expensive. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Why the photo of a Jelly Fish?

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Its the moon, Spitty! Rocket ship = moon?

passes new spectacles