Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

We are getting a MoHo so we can escape at the first sign of an armageddon!!

Is it amphibeous?? how else will you leave the island?

Not in my lifetime will replace not in my backyard

NIMLT/NIMBY, not the same ring, Yes?

tingling ting; lingating ling - depends which way ya heading laddie!!

Sideways FYI

Ah do the crab crawl heh??

just gettin a dose of your series Vigil or rather the Scots version - excellent acting and very very suspenseful! - mind you being locked in a sub gave me the creeps - also enjoyed the new slant on love triangles etc!!

Things have been fraught, a-cause of a house we bought, after much thought, so I thought I ought to say hello, even if I have nought much to say.

I am so sorry after reading back to learn of the passing of our Jem.

Hello Fruity, I am never first to disturb the crypt, this seems to be the go to place, for folks freefalling.

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or perhaps the marie celeste - just lookin for my rubber duckie and then I will leave? - I do hear from uk contacts that there is coming along a month of celebrating ‘black uk times’ you know the winrush years etc - I do have one golden contact who became an icon in her own field and keeps in touch as we sit in Gods waiting room. we enslaved them and then freed them and now honour them - wot a strange world it can be - we lost a few along the way too. whoever is last on here can you turn out the light ?

I have just started on Dads Army series for the umpteenth time as me granny used to say - what a joy to bumble through with them. I expect they have all gawn now heh?I must write to Jem’s wife soon and tell her we are still at the altar occasionally?

does anyone watch the graham norton show - god some of those musical groups at the end are atrocious don’t ya think?

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you can tell that Jem was the star performer here or was that circus master of this show? - all the seats are empty now - funny how the main theatre keeps getting re-newed and re-painted and yet all the good old shows are missing?

I can remember the day when I regularly visited half a dozen social interaction sites for the recent retirees now even they are dying - ah well they say all good stars finally do and fly off into the great cosmos somewhere - bye!!

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We are trapped here, for eternity bret lad, and I don’t do team as you well know so, lets see what happens!!

Eternity he says eternity - where is that ? at the end of the rainbow - now talkin of which watched a rather bewitching fillum the other night good acting sexy and good singing - what more do you want ?/

REMINISCENCE - with that hunky ozzie male actor hughed jackman and a rather delicious scandanavian beauty and they would go into a bath get connected to summat and have back memories sounds bland but quite exciting give it a buzz - [ps not as good as the all time best blade runner I] I have listened to many versions of the classic “where or when” and she sings quite a good one - but the all time big usa past ladies like ella etc sing it the best - great song though I think me da used to sing it to ma a lot - he sang the day away that fella!! - heh Jem try to keep up with the low band waves we have down here - and you can send a message /massage or two if ya wish??


less electric bikes all over this effin planet yes!!

well maybe just maybe we are getting a deal again with uk and the latest version of All Creatures etc - watched half a dozen and went from nah don’t like them at all to wow yea give me more - beautiful countryside again whereever it is and like the new actors - a crazy gang really - I do hope you have saved little corners of the universe like that back in UK - I shall be coming to check up sometime?\

eh by gum lad!

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you where always ‘teeming down’ on the rest of us with undisclosed meanings and abreactions - and that’s whilst you woz snoozin!

I rememember; well I think I do when Jem was the dojan of this section he would often just stand back and rest awhile and watch us other idiots cavorting about or speaking in rhyme or tongues or describing the functioning of the universe as is and as will be? He also had a nice style of recalling the ancient actors/singers etc of the white screens or silver screens with a particular slant on the Usa. I see the discussion of the accidental killing of an actor on a film set is still being debated?? - strange brew heh?>

today I bring forth the strange case of Sam Cooke - a beautiful singer - well known and one who became very rich - it is worth reading a wiki of his rise to fame and fortune and just who he rubbed shoulders with in the entertainment world. Also with the likes of Cassius Clay and many white performers also. His singing was to my ear impecable ; angelic almost and he became a smooth entertainer in many arenas. His tale of death is macabre to say the least and shrouded in mystery to this day with shades of perhaps the CIA trailing him as he aligned with CC and other politically suspicious characters. Still my own view - oh well will leave that until later see what you think??

sam cookes death at the height of his fame

Oh Oh those quintessential british films - and here’s another " On Chesil Beach’ and starring as a side role one of the “all creatures great and small” actors - you will have to be quick to catch him. but a film that gives you all - humour - british of course - sadness - frustrations and little sprinkles of sex and anger - well I say sex but it never really happens until the end?? but once into it - it does have a way of hooking you in!! No no I can never remember the actors names - do a google!!