Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

will we ever get to part 3 I wonder ? - well poo bear it is a very long way in this forest and we might have to sit by a tree for the night and cover ourselves in oak leaves? talkin of dublin - did I ever tell ya of the story of the dali lama who went there once and met a blinded freedom fighter probably called devlin and christianed him the devlin lama or summat like that since he had become a peace drover??

talkin of peace don’t ya think UK has too many pieces and should be givin back Wales ; Scotland and Northern Ireland to who it belongs?? sorry just a thought didn’t wanna start a fight again?

ps: yes I did vote yes in our recent referendum to give Oz back to the Indigenous tribe but my vote bein the same size as all the other pr votes didn’t carry enough weight?? Don’t hear much of the Billy the big yun these days is he still holed out in Usa??

They came and picked me up for a community breakfast yesterday - not off me with me - egg bacon beans toast but no marmalade or sausages - a small collection of a dozen or so - groups gettin smaller would ya believe - today they are coming again to drive me to woolies so I can do me shoppin - feel like King Charles being driven around all the time?

Thanks for bringin this back to the forefront, I would have done if I hadn’t run out of Snazziness. It’s hard being Snazzy on demand!

tell me can you asway my fears and concerns about old blighty? - Is it still the same old pleasant and peaceful place it once was with friendly high streets and youngsters willing to carry you heavy shopping bags to your parked cars? brass bands playing in the rounded band sheds on a lazy hazy sunny sunday afternoon?

I am perhaps thinking of returning and wondering whether one of the small isle would be better like the Isle of Man or Isle of Wight or even Jersey or Gurnsey ; Orkneys or that other one they’ve made a tv detective series of - that would be safe and well policed hey? I heard a nasty rumour that they were thinking of placing the illegal immigrants on the islands - that would just spoil the tenure of the whole place heh??

Its nowt like that now bret, but, maybe it never was, Really.

Its definitely worse though!!

OMG - in wot way?? - give me a road map I don’t wanna die so soon!!

they tell me the high streets and shops have all gawn now but some say may be coming back - so confusing I bet Jem would have never let this happen in Dublin and the Liffe!!

down udder here we are havin hurricaanes and floods and still surviving not to mention excessive sunshine?? still good old labor govt in power that’ll show them and the tories are cracking apart as they are in UK heh??

There is just one politic here bret, the group just take it in turns to play good cop, bad cop :laughing:
It’s all about what suits any individual, at any given moment in time :icon_wink:

I started reading scribbles the other day from the very beginning - wow I was enthralled and transfixed - it was magic - just the right mix of idiots [goons] come together to make it work and of course Jem at the helm - it was and still is magic!! - but could we ever do it again - I doubt it?

Roll up roll up - a newly spruced up LS 2 and and half to see how far it goes!! - we deal with the living and the partly living and the morosed!! Since we all began as the crazy LS gang back in wow when was that - scribbles the man with the jackhammer you have been the note keeper when Did we start? - or rather when did we just tumble all in together? - we even had the most pleasure of a few dubious ladies and it became all good fun. there is no reason for the fun to stop of course - I recently wrote a poem:

My Daily Throne [well someone has to do it!]

I sit in the middle of my jungle home

surrounded by boabs as thick as a throne!

They stand 20 metres, reach to the heavens

Birds nest in their top boughs

Always freer than I

I sit early morn before sun has arisen

25 C is the high – not yet 40 C prison

Willy wagtails get cheeky

come as close as an arm

do their ‘rock and roll’ swivel

but won’t eat from hand calm!

I watch that old sun rise behind highest branches

and then it breaks through ; its glory enhances

it dazzles, bewitches but burns to the bone

time to rise; bid farewell – leave behind forest throne

The rest of the day is spent avoiding its rays

as it climbs very rapidly to 40 C haze

Aircons full blast all over the place

In the house ; in the car and that shopping mall place?

I wait for the end of that blazing old sun

‘round 6ish just vanishes like a half eaten bun?

Light the coils for the mozzis ; sit and repose

Sometimes dream of past lives; till they get on the nose?

Did I mention our very shy ; skittish young jumpers

Go by the name of ‘wallaby’ thumpers

they’re around early eve for the water left out

but they stand metres away

when they see my strange snout!

They move rather slowly as they forage the ground

they are ‘neat and polite’ eaters and their ears twitch around

I just sit ; dare not move and watch them with joy

but if I cough ; they move like lightning ; you should watch them ‘oh boy’

I sit through the closening haze as it deepens

sometimes see images of past loves I have meeten?

There is that moment between dusken and darkness

the ‘ghosts’ of the forest whisper ‘harken do harken’

Its then that a man can go simply more crazy

so clip the ‘coils’ stagger home just three steps a bit hazy

My artificial sun is now fully ablazen ; with world news

entertainment whatever my heart cravens? circa : anyone ; anyone ; anyone know?? somewhere in 2024 maybe jan or feb?? close heh!!

I watched that some would say great film other not " I’ll be seeing you" with son of curt douglas - Michael and the lovely actress Melanie Griffiths - didn’tt we all gruel over her!! - she lived a short and treacherous life with alcohol and drugs and died youngish. I am no told the film was called “Shining through” - we do they have to keep changing things?

I remember my ma and pa singing that song constantly it was driven into my cortex!! I am singing it now on my forecourt as I type!!

i do agree with the critics that it became a bit messy in parts despite me not see it all yet !! - OMG she exclaims!!! but read the hollywood critics and agree it did weave about too much - but that haunting melody and delicious Melanie has me won over!! - I am sure most of our moribond [elderly ] members would know it very well ; well at least spittie anyway - he knows everything - sshhsh he thinks he does!! - is anyone listening anyway!!

nearly lost it again - this internet moves so swiftly and is ambidextrous!!

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Cracking poem, Bret.

R Mar told me about the dry oppressive heat us Brits can only imagine. They had some fella called Orson Cart who fetched water for them from a windmill away from the homestead. I never understood why grandad didn’t build it nearer to water.
I have a photo somewhere of their shade-house: a gazebo like structure made of woven twigs when it was two hot for the family to sleep inside inside the mud-cement house with a galvanised roof.

thank ya young fella -good to hear from ya again - ya what Ya Mar needed was this:

AS gunyah in the gulley!!

we have a great program you may have come across - Cross Roads - wanders right across OZ visiting the small country towns and villages well worth a watch - sure you can get it on Utube? if I ever got my chances again I would be out living away from the city folk among the bush folk and having a great time!

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Leisurely Scribbles part 2

I think it’s high time I stopped intruding into other real poetic threads in the leisure and pastime section and begin a thread of my own for the less poetically talented where I can dump all me rubbish.
A pastime of mine is to scribble down anything that comes into my head depending on how I feel at the time (All within the rules of course) and it’s not fair to do it on someone else’s doorstep, so fare de well my talented friends and I shall be dropping in every so often to enjoy your poems and writings.

All are very welcome.

Oh to have a little place along the forum road
where I could reside and lay down my casual load
A story here or a silly poem there
bits and pieces going nowhere.

I’m tired of butting in on old RJ’s
despite the kind words he says
T’is not fair nor a nice thing to do
I do apologise to you.

Serious things give me no pleasure
I like to scribble at my leisure
So if you feel the same
please come and join me at my game.

In the past or present tense
doesn’t have to make any sense
be it a poem or just a letter
All are welcome the sillier the better.

Thanks Jem


Ha hahahaha - that made me laugh - the term winker comes to mind!!

wink wink - nod nod - Jem gave me the OK by the way! welcome to the n ew look LS(Pt2) maybe reaching Pt 3??

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What the family had was this. It’s a shame there’s only half on it in the piccy, and the Galah is out of focus, but it was all tooked by a farmer, the Grandad I never knew, with nowt better than a box-Brownie.

yes life was simple in those days and hard and black and white includin the galahs!!

Got ta pondering lately why on earth all these female actors in particular at the great gatherings in usa wanna dress in the flimsiest manner - trying to pretend they are standing there naked perhaps? and then shreaks of indignation of some bit of clothing accidentally slips. I do think in many cases it must be glued on - quite happy to see the flesh myself of course - there must be a thin line between being completely naked and ugly? - and almost naked but divine?? not sure myself!

Yer can’t beat a Bird, clad in a duffle coat, nowt else, just a duffle coat (and Wellies maybe)!!

maybe some long black socks

No, they make my calves itch

Oh, now I can hear you all. I have just been fitted with a brace of battery operated ear-trumpets, and I can hear as clear as a … pardon? Who said that?