Last to post wins (Part 2)

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Harr Harrr!!! First!! :smiley: omg this is fabulous! Thank you so much Azz & Meg & Mags! Now I just need to wait for the usual motley crew like @Longdogs @Judd @macywack @Mups @Bathsheba @Minx @RightNow @Tiffany

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So, who knew it would be me to start this amazing new thread! :grin:
Oops! Pixie jumped in ahead of me…nicely done!

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I think I am here but not sure. All I had to do was change password. :innocent: :smiley:.

Hello everyone :heart_eyes:

I’m here.

Hey hello, wow I’m here and I didn’t get lost. Yet…

Its a bit weird to get used to isn’t it? :open_mouth:

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Apologies, @RightNow I wouldn’t steal your thunder if I could help it! :smiley:

Ayup … wot’s to do, then … :icon_surprised:

@Omah Hi! Lovely to see you here! Its all a bit strange… :open_mouth:

The main man is back. :smiley:

@Pixie, first is irrelevant - the thread title is Last to Post, so that’s me. :019:

I quite agree Judd, they just don’t seem to understand that do they? :roll_eyes:

Never thought I would say this @Judd but hello! :wave:

Still waiting for a few to join in… Should we send out a search party d’ya reckon? Or maybe leave it a bit. I think @Dextrous63 is probably still on a high from being the LTP in the temporary chat section. :clap: :clap: :clap:

@Longdogs just whose side are you on, laddie??? :smiley: You need to stick with the techy folks! :sunglasses:

@Bathsheba was he last? Lucky devil! We need to rescue @Mups too, heaven knows where she is!

You are not wrong Pixie.

Of course she is…

Pixies don’t get things wrong! :+1:

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