Last to post wins (Part 3)

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See you in 9999 posts time :icon_wink:

It could be you


I’ll be waiting for you

So is this the new one, so some fresh faffing

Yep indeedy

Hope there are some new tea bags and biccies

You got the last post spitty, on the old thread, there must be a prize

Yeah, and I’m wallowing in it :smiley:

Maybe call it a faffawolla :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

can the prize be delivered abroad, is it bulky?

A shiny new thread. Who can resist?!

so just to help it along, lookie i’m the last poster already

Not so fast there, my good man.

i can’t do fast any more

The Harrow is still open. Swift half anyone?

I’m so emotional, not sure I can make am added value post at the moment. :icon_wink:

Are you saying you’re unable to pass a motion ?

Yes, but “It’s not unusual” at this time of night.