I've Lost my Camera

I seem to have lost my favourite camera. For my recent trip I used my Panasonic DMC TZ110 because I thought I had forgotten to pack my LX10. I prefer the latter because it has a wider angle lens and a larger aperture but has a shorter zoom (on 4/5x) though I have never found that to be a disadvantage.

When I returned home I expected to find the camera on my bedroom floor but it wasn’t there. I have searched the car in case I did pack it but forgot and I have searched home - which did throw up my old Canon G16.

Now I am wondering if I did actually lose it (permanently) and wonder if I left it on the bullbar of my car the night before I left. No idea, it is possible it might turn up but I am very annoyed with myself!

What makes it worse is that these types of cameras seem to have been largely abandoned by manufacturers and instead of a choice they only offer one model in this price range and are concentrating on the more expensive cameras.

I like these compact cameras - they fit in my pocket or hang from my belt. Will keep looking for a while longer as I have “lost” things before but it may well be in the longer term I will be looking for a replacement camera.

It’s the one on the left that is missing, if you see it let me know :wink:

Am an unhappy chappie at the moment.

That’s so annoying. But perhaps it will turn up. I once thought someone had stolen my iphone in the supermarket and even looked at video footage with store staff, only to find later that it had slid down between the gearstick and seat and was wedged down there almost invisible . It was camouflaged by the dark fixings.

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Fingers crossed it will turn up.
Check coat pockets and in-between clothing and baggage pockets etc.

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I am not going to give up just yet but it looks like there is only one camera to replace it. Everyday I have devoted time to searching for it and am down to the most unlikely places.

Unfortunately Panasonic no longer sell the LX10 so if I don’t find it within the next week or so I will probably have to shell out for a Canon G7X III unless someone has a better idea.

Have you thought about buying a used LX10? Buy from a reputable dealer that includes a warranty like MPB and you’ll be OK.


The Canon G7X is an excellent camera, I’ve got a mark 1. Another worth looking at is the Sony RX100.

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Want to take your photography up a level with a bigger sensor?

Look at the LX100.

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Maddening! I remember losing my keys…thinking someone must have stolen them. Had to get a drive home and phone a locksmith. Next day, found them. In a similar place that Annie mentioned–they had fallen between the seats in my car–hard to see at night.

Hope you find your camera. Hard to be without something you use on a regular basis.

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Not really,these cameras are cheap enough to buy new. I will have a look at the Sony though, however I am very fond of Canon products.

These compacts are more than adequate for what are basically holiday snaps. Let’s face it I haven’t done photography for a living since the 1970s, then I was keen.


I dropped a SD to SD Micro adaptor while I was on holiday and it disappeared down the tiny gap in front of the handbrake on the centre console, it is quite possibly still sitting on top of the gearbox to this day.

Perhaps one of your huntsman spiders decided to take some selfies?

Seriously though, I know how frustrating that is, and I hope you find it as much to ease your mind as to get it back in your hands, Bruce.

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One day, archaeologists will marvel at the artifacts that are currently disappearing in the cracks and crevices of cars.


I’ve Found It!!

You can all stop looking.

It was in the car, jammed between the door pillar, the 12v Thumper air pump and the back of the passenger seat. It means it did the entire 12000km journey with me :frowning_face: Even more annoying it was the third time I had searched the car.

I have absolutely no idea why it was where it was either but I am so happy that it was.

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Excellent!! Now, if only I can find my dog’s expensive harness…


I sympathise, At least in this case it wasn’t because I had put it “in a safe place” and forgotten where the safe place was - something I do far too often…

My late sister once had to come round to me for her door key as she’d lost hers. The next day, she went to work and thought of looking in the employer’s car park (a supermarket chain) where she was last. There it was, on the ground!


So it it was in the photon sphere, not quite to the event horizon. Very good news!

Even better, we now know whom we can call to locate all our missing stuff! :+1:

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What’s it like down there, did you get any pictures. :grinning:


Pleased you found it Bruce. Losing an item like that could bug a person forever. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So happy you’ve found your camera Bruce.
It’s the heart sinking moment when it’s lost. Followed by doubt when you look everywhere and still can’t find it.
Then complete panic when you think it must have been taken.
Such a relief when it reappears.

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