Good Morning Friday 7th June 2024

Good Morning to all you forum persons out there in forum land.

Oh boy, has it rained, my rain gauge overflowed but the local weather station reported 156mm of rain but some nearby suburbs had over 200mm. I nearly forgot to take my bin(s) out last night and did it during the deluge, my shoes are still drying. :frowning_face: The rain is supposed to ease off this arvo and stop completely tomorrow but at this moment it continues. The ground is, as you can imagine, sodden.

Still can’t find my camera I am going to give up on it soon.

Well, that’s my tale of woe I hope you are having a brighter day. It is nearly the weekend and it’s a long weekend because Monday is a public holiday to celebrate King Charlie’s birthday. That’s good isn’t it?

What are your plans? More exciting than mine I hope?

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Morning Bruce and everybody!

Wildlife seems to have descended upon the Pixie Palace this morning…last night I had a giant moth fluttering around, so big that it rattled off the closed blinds at the window then bumped the lampshade so forcefully that it rocked…(the lampshade that is, not the moth) Don’t know where its hiding now, and I don’t have time to look for it. I’m going to come home later to a holey sofa, no doubt :cry: Unless its a bat, of course…oh jeez…

Have a lovely day everyone.


Good Morning Everyone… :039:
Friday’s here, but when you are retired Friday’s just seems to be like any other day of the week.
Got the head cold on the run (literally) and I’m feeling lots better so I pushed the boat out and managed a two mile walk around the village early on. And that’s not all, I also managed to mow the lawns yesterday. It was driving me mad to look out the window and see the the serengeti where a bowling green used to be…No wild animals though, just a few courting collared doves… :009: They could at least be a bit more discreet… :astonished:
Shut the curtains and put on a table lamp Pixie, it will attract the moth so you can catch it and evict it… :fairy: or perhaps it’s one of these…?
This mornings ramble around the village…

On the left you can see the canal where I normally walk, but it’s three miles so perhaps another day…


Good to see you out and about again.

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Good morning all :slight_smile: Enjoy your day everyone :slight_smile:

Good to see you back @OldGreyFox



I was asking Sue where she would like to go for a holiday next to year. She was undecided, so I put a map on a wall of the world. Gave her a dart and what part of the word she hit I would pay for. So it looks like next year’s holiday will be behind the fridge


Good morning!

There is a cloudless ceiling of a sky, and Ranger is back home from the vet, joining the other men on the forum recovering from a stay in the hospital. It has been a “ruff” week, but you can’t keep a good woman down either.

Pixie, what a moth - though it sounds like it has almost earned hummingbird status. Ask Bruce to find it; he can find anything!

I would avoid the buffet on that trip.

While it is WONDERFUL to see you out again, mowing and walking in that short a period has me fretting. There are worse things than having an Amazonian forest in your front yard for a few days :lol: How is Mrs. OGF at pushing a lawnmower?

That is really nice software, OGF. What are you using?

Summer is flying by fast; have a good day, everyone!


I’d have to lose it first!


06/07/2024 @ 09/24/24, another beautiful morning topside, hoping yours is such a lovely day.
Have a great Friday…

The Big Bright Sun
I woke up in the morning with
the brightness of the sun on my face,
I glanced at my watch and to my bathroom
I did the race,
For mornings are meant to hurry,
mornings are meant to run,
They don’t even grant you a moment
to sit back and admire the beautiful sun.
Don’t let your morning be like this
try to make it a special one,
For not every morning will you get a chance to wake up to the big bright sun
Nate Pritts


Good afternoon - Not a bad sort of day. A mixture of sunshine and cloud. The temperature is 20ºC. A light breeze blowing.


Is that your own poetry?

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While I have written some poetry, none you will see here. I research what I deem appropriate, and that is why some of my poetry may seem "out of place " to others, I make associations with poems others may not understand.


Well, it’s a nice addition to the “Good Morning” thread.