How Much Free Time Do You Have?

We’ve got a Westfield near us. An elderly neighbour calls it a precinct, everyone else calls it a shopping centre. We have supermarkets that sell milk, plus the odd corner shop, not many of those left. The big supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsburys, own small local shops too.

what a wallaby lot of knowledge you have , I am amazed. I guess kangaroo watching must be a favourite hobby of yours, not that it is a bad thing

When I hear precinct over here, it triggers the meaning of a police district or law enforcement building.

With prices being criminal these days, I think your neighbor’s word choice might be the best of all!

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HaHa yes I’m familiar with that from US TV.

Here it’s used to describe a pedestrian precinct: a traffic free shopping street.

I don’t really know why an old, uneducated, true Londoner calls a shopping centre a precinct. It is a massive place.

What about the Mall word? that’s American, or olde English for Avenue.

All my time is free time. I do what I like, when I like.

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Same here, LD. Such a sad song.

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Used 4. Making ‘2Do’ Sticky Notes.
Made Day 1. Binned Day 2. :rofl:


Being happily divorced for just over 20 years and also having retired 2 years ago, my free time is unlimited, bar a bit of time now and again with my mother, my sons and my grandsons. I love to spend time at the gym two or three times a week, reading on my Kindle, gaming (a lot!) on my PC, playing Virtual Reality games (sometimes with the grandkids, as they have VR headsets too) renovating old photographs for family and friends using Photoshop and avoiding household chores. :smile: It’s absolute bliss.

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Good for you Tachyon. You sound like you have your life situated well - and pretty much the opposite of my chaotic life . Cheers!