Have you considered Cryonics?

Not wanting to take @swimfeeders’s thread off-topic, but have you (would you) consider cryonics?

It is basically where when you die your body is frozen using a special technique (to help preserve your cells) and then when the technology exists, to bring you back to life… but not in the state that you died, with all your ailments fixed (so basically, the younger, healthier version of you :lol:)

I think they would get a lot more people doing it if people could simply pay for it via their Wills/Estate, but as of now you have to pre-pay for it (about £100K) or with a special type of life-assurance, which obviously isn’t possible for everyone.

I would do it if I could pay for it out of my belongings/estate - would any of you?

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No … probably because I’d consider the way the world is going and wondering exactly what I’d be coming back to.

And if , in the remote event that over population, or our consummate capacity to produce rubbish mountains, or our over exploitation of natural resources or capacity for warmongering or difficulties to overcome from global climate change do not make the earth an uninhabitable barren husk to live on … I would be faced with the advance of technology.

No thanks. I wouldn’t fancy becoming an anachronistic specimen.

Of much more value would be to have a decent lifespan free from disease or pain or any of the current limitations associated with old age and wear and tear of the body or mind that can blight the latter years of so many peoples lives.


You seem to be assuming all those things will be a problem… but what if they weren’t?

Who knows, maybe by then we’ll have mastered miniaturisation technology where the population of an entire country could be fed by a single cow.

I guess I have a little more faith in future humans :lol:

The only problem I see is that there is a real danger that humans may just annihilate each other before we even get the opportunity to reach that more enlightened stage…

No, not for me. Think of all the years of catching up to be done, how our world has changed, mentally it would be challenging.
Besides, to inflict myself twice in a lifetime on others, well…I’d better stick to just the once. :blush:

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It’s not for me, I don’t like the cold.


What world do you think you are going to come back to?
We have almost reached the point of no return when it comes to the destuction of the planet by our continued used of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases, another 11 years should see that happen, add increasing over population, pollution on a global scale, it can only be a matter of time before we have major wars over dwindling resources particularly water, so I think I would prefer not to be frozen thanks.

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It is not for me.

On a scientific basis we have sorted out what happens to a body on death, but not to what happens to a mind.

Preserving a body is easy, we have no idea on how to preserve a mind.

I do want to wake up to find we still have the Taliban, ISIS, Trump, Corbyn etc waking up alongside me unchanged.

I am hoping that humanity progresses and that the world becomes a better place.

Scientifically we all come back anyway. just not in the same form.

Our bodies decay into their constituent atoms and elements, which are then available to be used again, they do not disappear.

Death as far as the body is concerned is just like a recycling centre, we may go in as a car and come out as a tin of baked beans.

It is different with the mind, we have no idea what happens to it.

I will do Azz the same consideration as he gave me and start a new thread soon on the the big question, is there life after death.

There are much bigger brains than I have on this site and I would love to know what they think.

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Can you imagine coming back and all the people you love have died every single one…dead.

Why would you do that? It would be like a nightmare.

I might consider it if a group of us did it together and we were all thawed out together along with a few bottles of champagne :slight_smile:


As a believer in Christ, no definitely not!!..

What if you died at a very old age, what would you come back to?

It would scare the life out of me because it’s not a natural process, it’s science messing with a human life after death…they are wonderful at keeping people alive for much longer whilst we’re alive…
I can’t imagine how they would freeze a Spirit of a person after death when imo it leaves the body.,each to their own though, I can only answer this question from my own perspective.
No way would I trust a human, imo it’s all about the money, one guy I read has been frozen some time back…he’s still frozen apparently…

IMHO it’s a scam.


An “Anti Gravity Zimmer”. :grinning: :walking_man: :biking_man:

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I’m all for it if the people I love do it too…

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No thank you one life is enough .


How will you ever know if it’s worked? Once you’ve handed over all your money whats to say that you will be brought back?

I’d rather leave my money to the kids to make their lives easier.

I’d have had my life. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I wanted to be frozen, I’d go back to live in Yorkshire!



Sorry, but no. I wouldn’t want to be at the mercy of whoever is responsible for bringing me back to life. There could be no guarantee that our frozen bodies wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands, through war or terrorism. We could be brought back to life to be used for whatever purposes our captors may have for us. So no, I’m not going to take that chance :scream:

Not that I’ve got a spare £100k anyway :rofl:

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@pauline3 , what if there is power cut !!
Would you get your money back ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Ha,Ha…I think you’re asking the wrong person…:rofl::heartpulse:

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@AZZ , Miniaturisation of what ?
Of humans?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
What’s the point of that?
The best thing for the planet would be where all humans only had a “virtual”
existence !!
Even more intriguing, are we allready living a “virtual existence” ??
Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

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@pauline3 , Oooer ??
Sorry Pauline !!
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:


Don’t you worry about that.