Exercise anyone?

I used to be a fitness fanatic but then found other pleasure, Brandy, Whiskey, Good food days out which led me to being a bit overweight.

After getting trapped nerves I have started to exercise more and I am now starting to want to exercise all of the time again.

Do you exercise or just except what happens to you body?

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I do exercise after suffering 3 heart attacks, I now exercise daily 7 days a week.
I play badminton or table tennis Mon.Tues,Wed, and Friday, with an old folks club.
I circuit train on Thursday and get my bike out Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.
I feel well again, but I have to keep it up, there is no half measures.
I am 73 years young;-):smiley:

Gosh Arthur :shock: you put me to shame :smiley:

I do get a fair bit of exercise though walking Chloe three times a day everyday and running around with the babies as well as housework and gardening.
Lifting three babies up for nappy changes and cuddles is a good substitute for weight lifting :lol:

I don’t do “formal” type exercise like running or going to the gym. I am like Meg, I walk a lot with the dog and run after the children. I can confirm that lifting toddlers and picking up after them is good exercise. :smiley: I am not sure I keep as fit as I should be, especially in Winter, but I think I would quickly lose interest in the gym and running. Once the weather turns around the gardening will help me keep fitter - hopefully.

I can wiggle my toes and flex my ankle. That’s all the Physio-terrorist will allow me to do for the moment.

I should do more exercise although I do count housework as such:-) I have an exercise bike but need a lot of motivation before I’ll use it. These dark and gloomy days push exercise to the back of my mind … come Spring and I’m sure the pedaling will start in earnest!:lol:

I try and do quite a bit of walking but can’t at the moment due to painful leg. I hope it sorts itself soon. I am having to put the dogs in the car and take them to a field where I can throw the ball with the launcher so that they get the running without me having to walk too much. :frowning:

I did some very strenuous exercise this afternoon, - I walked into my kitchen and took a lemon meringue out of the freezer, put it on a plate, returned to my recliner, allowed it to defrost and ate it!!!

I will have to add that to my routine Uncle Joe;-):smiley:
We have a saying at the club “Use It Or Lose It”
We all know that if we don’t use our muscles they gradually waste away, well people don’t realise that their heart is a muscle, that is why I do so much cardio, I don’t want to lose it.
Keep up the exercise folks so important to your life’s longevity.

[FONT=“Arial Black”]I enjoy walking, there is so much heart disease in both sides of my family, so I take my health very seriously[/FONT]

I try to walk with the dogs at least twice a day and do as much housework as Mrs PM will allow (although she does guard her work jealously). :shock:

Winter is the hardest time of course, as come the Spring the garden will give me as much exercise as I can handle. We tried the exercise bike thing for the dark months, but it was just so boring that we got a second hand Wii Fit instead, but even that languishes in the cupboard unloved…:lol:

I walk the dog twice a day as well. 1/2 Hour in the Morning and 1 1/2 - 2 Hours in the afternoon. But the trouble is its only a stroll round & round the park this weather. When the weather gets a bit better I do go further & faster- try to find some nice walks that I can do. I’ll really have to get a spurt on this year though & try to cut down on the eating a bit as i’ve put a stone on in the last 12 months:shock:. Thats on top of the stone that I was already over weight. All my clothes are getting a bit tight now & I’m not going to buy a bigger size:blush:

I’m ashamed to say I’m a bit of a slob.
Even as a teenager I used to wilt and get out of breath doing sports.

Now … I love to walk. It clears the mind and relaxes as well as gently exercising the body.
A few years back I got a hoola hoop … remember them?
Total faliure … it kept just dropping down to my ankles.
I do a bit of yoga which I suppose is less of the exercise and just gentle stretching.

Having spent all my working life sitting at a bench, exercise was very important, just to keep my body straight, not to mention my health. I got into the habit of 10 minutes arms and legs stretching in the mornings before work and 20 minutes with the dumb bells (5 kilo’s each) at night, I also walk wherever I can without using the bus, and I use the local swimming pool every two weeks or so. I would say I’m fit and strong for the age I am, thank God.

Hello, And how did you find yourself this morning?

Well, I rolled back the sheets and there I was. :cool:

I used to exercise quite a bit in my younger days. Playing badminton and going to the gym a couple of times a week, but that was 30 years ago.

I can’t walk very far unfortunately because I have a daft left leg so I can’t do uphill stuff any longer.

Oddly enough though, I do work my heart by running (?) upstairs when I need the loo, plus I feel me heart banging when I’m doing mopping these days. Wish I could still walk more than 50 yards though, but the doctor can’t figure out why I can’t! :frowning:

Used to weed the garden and stuff like that which is quite strenuous, but I can’t manage that any longer.

I don’t exercise as much as I probably should. Whilst I do walk dog/s every day, sometimes three times, I don’t feel it gets the heart pumping! Up until recently I went fell walking but haven’t had chance to do this lately for various reasons, but boy does that get the heart pumping!!

I have a semi recumbant bike and an eliptical trainer in the spare bedroom and go through phases of using them. I went on the eliptical trainer a couple of nights ago to try and get back into some sort of exercise routine and will try and have another session tomorrow.

I’ve put on weight over the last few years which I really need to lose so I’m going to make every effort to get fit :smiley:

AB what exercise are you doing apart from walking?

Well to be honest my job keep me fit, but i do like to go to the Gym when i have the time.

We have some home Gym equipment which both my hubby and i use a couple of time a week, so i think i can say we are both active and keep fit

That is a bit OTT for someone who has had 3 Heart attacks, ask any doctor and they will tell you to exercise in moderation or you could bring on another attack.

Not according to my consultants AB.
My exercise is not how you would imagine it, it is just regular with plenty of other people in much the same condition.
One guy was 93 last Wednesday and he still plays badminton.