Escalators - v - Stairs

The subject of elevators came up on another thread (Have You Ever Been On The London Eye? ) and apparently it is considered correct to stand to the side to allow people to run up and down them like they are stairs.

I don’t do this, do you? If I wanted to use stairs, I would do so…so why use escalators like stairs when the stairs are right over there? :point_right:

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Stairs are for people who can walk up them. Escalators are for people who cannot manage stairs. Me for instance.

Should add, walking up an escalator as it is moving does get there quicker. :grin:


Why waste the energy when you’ll get there anyway?


I used to do it when I was 50 years younger, always late for work.

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I certainly never run down an escalator, it would be dangerous, not just for me but for others too.
I’ll often walk down on the left simply because it’s quicker and less boring.

I don’t think there is usually the option to use stairs on most of the underground anymore, the shallow cut and cover built stations yes, Great Portland Street and Baker Street spring to mind. Some stations used to have the old spiral staircases, they had a certain charm but are pretty much obsolete now unless I’m mistaken.

You know who’s said to use the old staircase at Covent Garden don’t you? … spooky :wink:

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No? Is there a ghost there or something?

I don’t even walk on an escalator, it just feels weird and makes me wobble, ha!

There is indeed a ghost there, a certain William Terriss.
I’ve never met him myself but I’ve a little story to tell at some time ,something that happened when I was working in Covent Garden many moons ago although it wasn’t at the station.

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I’d love to read it…we have a thread about ghosts, believe it or not…

Ah… thanks for that PixieKnuckles, I’ll post the story.
I’ve got more worldly things to do at the mo, off to Asda

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I prefer Lifts!

I don’t mind most escalators but the tall sheer ones are scary.
It’s best not to be behind me on an escalator as l will hold you up! I hover a lot before l get on. One foot forward and back several times and then l suddenly lurch forward!

The other thing l can’t do is touch the side rail. I imagine all those germs off people’s hands. I am worse since the Covid scare but l am not usually an OCD person… only where, hands have been in public places!!

I am best if l am pulled or pushed on

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As someone who is uncomfortable in lifts, I can understand the need to be pushed or pulled onto anything.

I just cover my hand with the sleeve if touching the handrail of an escalator, then give a quick sanitise when off them. I think they get get cleaned regularly anyway, up here in the shopping centres I have seen people wiping them down. Dunno if it helps much though.

My biggest gripe with people and escalators though, is the ones who get off at the top or bottom and then stop dead, to look up at the signs to see where they’re going, adjust their suitcase clothing etc and then tut or are surprised when people pile into them from behind! :rage:

For gawd’s sake, you’ve just got off yourself, you know how it works, the people coming up behind you have no choice other than to get off and if you stand in the way, they’re going to bump into you due to momentum

Just get out the ruddy way :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I just stand there in the middle …im lazy and selfish I don’t think of others on an escalator . Why would I walk up an escalator…let it do its job and transport me up there…beam me up escy

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Fair point, Pixie. :+1:

And as for allowinmg people to run up and down, they can always say ‘Excuse me’ surely, instead of just shoving past? Manners work both ways.

But it’s always going to be quicker to run or walk in the direction the escalator is going rather than just standing still on the escalator or using the stairs?

There aren’t usually stairs available next to escalators on the tube anyway

Lifts are OK if you are on your own or with friends.