Disproved: The truth about SECRET Coutts memo

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Always know when a GE is coming up.

You’ve gotta laugh.

The oldest bank. Those who do not like publicity might just ditch Coutts.


Should have been honest it is always the best policy.

Oh My :astonished:
My heart goes out to Farage - he must be the most badly done-to person in the Country right now - when an exclusive capitalist organisation like Coutts, who accept about a half per cent of U.K. domestic accounts don’t want his custom any more, how on Earth is the man supposed to pay his gas bill?!
My heart bleeds for him - no wonder he is thinking of migrating elsewhere now his life is being made so difficult in his home country. I do hope wherever he chooses to migrate will make him welcome.

I don’t blame Coutts for not wanting Farage :joy:

There is a FB group of about 10,000 people who have all had their accounts closed and they are all very grateful to NF for drawing so much attention to this and getting an apology from Coutts.

Will be watching this with interest because a political journalist says that Nigel Farage and other have several legal routes to pursue. The CEO, Alison Rose should be sacked over this. She’ll be OK - hopefully she will have saved some of her £5million pound annual salary. :rofl:

Great victory for Nigel Farage!


Coates have behaved disgracefully .
I have little time for NF but in this case Coutts or Nat West have made a serious boo boo.
It’s true NF is not the only one to be cancelled .I am pleased that this has become public knowledge because Coutts / Nat west had to be bailed out by the tax payer a few years back and 40 % of the bank owned by the taxpayer so we have a right to know what they are up to .
The last thing we need is having a bank as big brother.
Allison Rose the CEO has apologised and so she should .
She should also apologise for the massive bonus she awarded herself last year on top of her colossal salary .


Indeed Muddy, the ripple effects of their dishonesty yet to come. It is not about NF, the risk is to all of us. Mitigation of misconduct is the issue that NF is highlighting.

How much did it cost to bail out banks in the UK?

As at October 2021, the OBR reported the current cost of these interventions as £33 billion, comprising a loss of £35.5 billion on the NatWest (formerly Royal Bank of Scotland) rescue, offset by some net gains elsewhere.

They wanted to feel environmentalist, egalitarian, trans-sensitive, anti-Brexit, anti-racist and altogether woke, and they thought they could do it by shunning Farage. Then they lied about it.

They have made a terrible mistake. Coutts is no longer the self-styled posho bank used by kids at my school, who would buy turkey sandwiches from the tuck shop with 50p Coutts cheques. It is no longer entitled to behave as it likes.

The beginning of the end?

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They only have themselves to blame, greed is the downfall of those who lose the trust of their clients.

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I understand that UK citizens who live in Europe have had their UK bank accounts closed at short notice. This apparently has caused significant problems such as not being able to receive pension payments. I wonder if Farage will include these tens of thousands of Brits who have been “de-banked” in his fearless campaign?

Why not, if they have broken the rules.

The Mail on Sunday yesterday revealed Mr Farage’s lawyers have complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which can fine banks up to £17million, about the leaking of his private information.

In a Subject Access Request to NatWest on Friday, his legal team demanded the release of all correspondence between the banking group and the BBC.

In another concerning case, Reform UK leader Richard Tice has accused Metro Bank of shutting down his account because of his vocal support and campaigning for Brexit.

He told the Sun on Sunday: ‘I was suspicious at the time but didn’t join enough of the dots. But it is crystal clear now what has gone on.’

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Err, Farage will not be providing any support for Brits who have had their bank accounts closed because they do not live in the UK. Not a squeak of support, not a whisper.

So we get it Lincs…You don’t like Farage. I bet you would have gone to him ‘cap in hand’ if your bank had closed your account…Talk about double standards!


Why would I do that? I’d simply go to another bank and open a new account. It really is very easy to do. I do not understand the fuss.
Now, for Brtis living in Europe, if their UK bank closes their account it is very difficult to get a new UK bank account. They normally require a UK address and copies of utility bills in their name. And Farage won’t raise a finger of help because he knows very well that he is the reason that the banks closed these accounts.
Right there is your double standards - Farage, not me.

It’s not that easy to open a new account .
That is the reason I never close a bank account even if I just leave a couple of pounds in it .

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Farage is such a hypocrite

Quite happy to have an account with an elitist bank that doesn’t accept poor people

And to hell with the poor and homeless who can’t get a bank account or who are unbanked

But the second it’s him getting unbanked and his nose is out of joint, there’s all hell to play

And he gives out the spiel that it’s all about freedom of speech, of course, and he’s a man of the people again, fighting for justice for the unbanked

Since when?

This is just him out for petty revenge because they dared to reject him, and who could blame them?

If Johnson is right and we all own the banks now, I’m very pleased if this odious little man is barred from the bit I own :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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He may well be a hypocrite but in this case he’s right .
Coutts is owned by Nat West and a lot of ordinary people have been cancelled by Nat West .


It certainly isn’t, heaven help you if you don’t have the required photo ID.
And even then you’ll be lucky to find a counter open, just a couple of staff by the front door asking if you’d consider online banking…so much for a service!

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