Stop Cashless Britain petition

Petition started yesterday evening and already up to nearly 50,000 signatures.

I would hate a cashless society. This morning I had my feet done and paid cash. How do you put money in kids birthday/christening cards, pay the window cleaner, park the car, give a tip, street collectors. I know where I am with cash and I would hate to lose it.

Also with everything on cards you are trackable and they can see where you shop, what you spend, what you buy, what you save, etc.

I do use my cards but only for grocery shops and petrol. I recently bought a new mattress £1500 and paid cash but they said they preferred card. I said “well if you don’t want it I will go elsewhere.” They took it! :rofl:


Great idea RoseRed.
Myself and my husband have signed the petition.
Also,i tried to pay for my shopping,but my card would not work on tap and pin,i put my pin number in and that would not work either,so it was a good job i had money on me.
A cashless society is un-workable.

A mate of mine runs a business and will only take cash as he has to pay the bank a fee on card payments.


I was in a lovely independent bookshop on Sunday in West Sussex. I bought a couple of postcards and paid in coin, the proprietor casually but sincerely thanked me because her till was running low of 10p pieces. – 3 Jul 23

Banks ‘will be told to protect free speech’ after Farage’s account claims

Jeremy Hunt is reportedly ‘deeply concerned’ by claims bank account have been closed because of the holder’s views or opinions. Treasury insiders expect action on this issue ‘within weeks’

However, Journalist and former Conservative MP Toby Young, from the Free Speech Union, described banks closing accounts as “chilling”, “sinister” and “like something from communist China”.

COVID-19: the viral spread of cashless society?

The transition to a cashless society seems to be

China, no surprise, one of the leaders.

The Telegraph – A cashless society is a greater surveillance state — Big Brother…

The Telegraph – A cashless society is a greater surveillance state — Big…

The problem with cashless society is that it is a surveillance society. :worried:very :worried:

Mail Online – 3 Jul 23

UK bank closures 2023: Full list of UK banks that closed in July

80 UK bank branches are set to close in July 2023, with leading banks such as Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds and HSBC all shutting branches. Here is a full list of bank closures in July 2023.

Erosion of easy means for vulnerable people to access accounts.

Been following this for a few days.


I have already signed the petition.

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People do things for cash, a bit on the side, keeps society ticking over nicely. Take that away and it’s the big fat cats only … on the fiddle.



I signed it. What would happen to car boot sales, flea markets & private sales with no cash to use. It’s stupid to make it a cashless society.


It most certainly is around my locality. Many ‘traders’ around here work to the ‘cash only’ method and give a very good job/service for their remuneration :+1:

@RoseRed Signed!

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You wouldn’t last 5 minutes around here if you didn’t have cash.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Our kebab shop is Cash Only, as is the fish and chip shop.
People buy and sell bikes, cars, motorbikes for cash and we have car boot sales where we sell all our junk for cash. Gumtree is another good way of shifting stuff for cash.

If you want to buy honey, eggs or veg at a roadside stall then you need cash.

Loads of my husbands customers still pay by cash and shove it through the letter box if we are out!

The petition is doing really well!


Signed, We also use cash for lots of things, would make life very awkward if it was stopped.

Pretend issue


I prefer plastic or phone.
It’s convenient

But you have to consider those that don’t Ripple…


That’s a bit rich though…Using a QR code to register your vote…

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Ok I’ve considered everyone …nope I still prefer cashless :wink:

Ripple, you and me, Black Market, what do you reckon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

isnt that the point? Not that I agree with it. I totally agree with your points, but I can’t see the powers that be paying attention to a petition when they have everything invested in tracking the hoi polloi

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Same here but we all know that is because they fiddle their tax return


I won’t be signing the petition - it would be hypocritical of me to do so -
and I have seen no evidence that cash is actually going to be stopped anyway, so I don’t get what the petition is for.
The Financial Services and Markets Bill, which has recently been passed through both Houses of Parliament and has just received Royal Assent at the end of June contains provisions in law to protect free access to cash - why would the Government pass that Bill if they were planning to scrap cash?

Personally speaking, I hardly ever use cash - I find paying by card or bank transfer much easier and more efficient at keeping track of purchases.

I also find accepting card payments in the charity shop I do the banking and finances for is much more cost efficient than cash - we still accept cash if the customer prefers but nowadays it costs us more to process and bank cash than it does to process card payments - it is safer for our volunteers and staff too.
I’m thankful the days of having to cart a couple of thousand quid off to the Bank every couple of days are gone - there’s less chance of being mugged now and our insurance risks and costs have reduced too.

There’s so many benefits of using electronic payments and so many downsides to using cash - if your card is lost or stolen, you can put a block on it and your Bank will help you to recover stolen funds but if your cash is lost or stolen, you have no proof of ownership and very little chance of recovering it.

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