Disproved: The truth about SECRET Coutts memo

But he didn’t care about them until he got cancelled

And now he has, he’s suddenly a man of the people again

Instead of a snake oil salesman millionaire who’s pissed off at being told his money’s not good enough?

So he’s whipping up the rabble as per usual by telling him he’s one of them and fighting for a just cause, freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah…….

While really it’s all about him being miffed at the affront to his dignity and he’s just using them

And people fall for it every bloody time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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After all, the best way to get the banks to behave is to give their customers the ability to cancel them .

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Maybe he didn’t know that Banks cancelled their customers as and when they like .


I believe you have misunderstood the implications of Coutts actions. Entitled to your views as always.

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Rubbish. There are loads of recently started banks and online only banks that are very keen to get you to open a new account. Certainly you need proof of ID and often proof of income or savings - but the banks are very keen to get your money and to flog you additional products. I’ve opened and closed many, many bank accounts over the years. Most recently with banks with no high street outlets. But Metro bank, with high street branches, says it takes ten minutes to open an account.

I have opened bank accounts too .
It’s easier of you already have a bank account .
Yes there are plenty about you have to be careful .
Also some are unethical I don’t bank with any Islamic banks principally because of my views on ritual slaughter and treatment of women generally .

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Nigel Farage is likely to win his case. If he takes legal action, who can blame him! Personal digs at him is like water off a ducks back, childish really. A posh bank misbehaving worse than children.

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Nonsense, NF is exposing serious problems for banks who follow suit (Coutts). Many may follow him through the courts to settle this.

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He was central to tens of thousands of UK citizens losing their banking. This blatant disregard for the banking for Brits living abroad would not escape the notice of a jury should he attempt to sue Natwest. He did not care about them retaining UK bank accounts - why should anyone care about him and his Coutts account? He can easily get another account and it seems most likely that he already had other accounts. What exactly is his grievance? None.
Moreover, Natwest is a private business, even if the government owns stake (38% btw not all of it). It can make its own business decisions on who it keeps as a customer. Farage will not sue because he knows that he has no case. He is simply making a fuss for the publicity.

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Not quite sure what he’s thinking of suing them for?

He’s saying defamation?

So he’d have to prove what was said in their report wasn’t true?

Which would be difficult, I think, because the report was fairly mild compared to what could be said about him in all truthfulness :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And this shows what a desperate publicity seeker Farage is. The decision to close his account was a private matter - until Farage started making it so very public. The famous memo was a company private document until Farage got hold of it - and went round all the TV stations telling everyone about it.
So I guess he has been defaming himself. What a self-serving knob.

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Oh dear Lincolnshire, will just have to wait and see who ends up with egg on their face and it won’t be NF.


The BBC have now apologised in writing to Nigel Farage. Apparently they never apologise but on this occasion they have.

Well done Nigel.


He had to go public! This has affected thousands of people, not just him. haven’t you been keeping up with the news?

I think most people would have done the same. Don’t tell me you would have just sat there and taken it. He has the voice and the ability to reveal what happened to him, so he did.


Not sure what you are referring to Lincolnshire but it looks libelous. :astonished:

The bank [nat west] has released personal and private information to the BBC. Would you like your personal details transmitted to the whole world? He would most certainly win this case…


Has it been proved and confirmed that the information the BBC had came directly from Coutts?

I don’t think it has?

That is what he would have to provide evidence of, to win :woman_shrugging:

And possibly he couldn’t, because he’s not threatening to sue over that, he’s threatening to sue for defamation

And hopefully he’d lose over that, because how could you possibly defame anyone as awful as him?

I think the bank accounts of all public figures like Farage should be open to both the public and HMRC

I wonder if the people at Coutts and the BBC think it was worth it to call him out for exactly what he is and disassociate themselves from him and his ilk? :rofl:

I certainly found it very satisfying to see him told to his face what people think of him and why decent people want nothing to do with him :+1:

I never thought I’d hear myself cheering on an elitist bank, but “you go, Coutts!” :muscle:t4:

Yes it has Maree, the BBC has admitted that a high official from Coutts gave them the information. The BBC have had to pass the buck.


Cliff Richard took them on through the courts, bless him, you can see BBC have learnt nothing from that humiliation.

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