Covid booster jab to be offered this Spring

A spring booster vaccine against Covid-19 is to be offered to people at most risk of serious illness from the disease to protect them this summer.

UK vaccine experts say it should be available to everyone over 75, care-home residents and anyone extremely vulnerable aged five and over.

Vaccinations in England and Wales are to start in early April, with Northern Ireland’s rollout from mid-April.

Scotland’s booster campaign will start in the final week of March.


It sounds sensible to me, protection for the most vulnerable and no one’s forced to have it if they don’t want to

I’ll be too young but I’d be pleased to get it if it were offered to my age group :+1:


I will definitely have the Spring jab, I feel safer knowing I have some protection.


Good for you, well done.
I would definitely have been encouraging my mum to have it and I’m very pleased there is going to be the help available xxx


My arm still aches from the last jap occasionally but still will have the one one offer when it’s time


Is this the 5th one now?

I was speaking to a guy on a walk last week and he said he has a natural immunity to it - wonder how many people are having jabs when they don’t need them? Would it be better for them to check how much immunity someone has (even if from previous jabs) before giving them another?

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From what I have read, the Covid antibody tests are not a fully reliable indicator of a person’s immunity.
All the official health care advice I’ve seen recommends not to rely on an antibody test to determine your level of future immunity and whether to have a vaccination or not.

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Just maintain the spacing, and hold your breath when in socially crowded conditions (or, dig out the mask of course).

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Wonder why they’re not making them more reliable? Woody Harrelson has some ideas :lol: (I’ll post the link in a new thread not to take this thread off topic)

Call me cynical … but is this just because the government ordered so many millions of jabs that they have to stick them into any pin cushions who are willing?

I read, only the other day, that as our government have contracted to buy Moderna’s medicines they’re investing in a multi million factory in Oxfordshire.

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If people are not sure whether to get jabbed or not, just visit twitter and see what some people on there have to say. Some of you are probably going to pull twitter to bits, but no criticism of the vaccine will be reported on the MSM because OFCOM says so, and its the only place where the average person can air their views (freedom of speech and all that) You’ll need to sort the wheat from the chaff though.

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No spring jab here, save it for when the chips are down. :icon_wink:

Me and the wife had the last booster jab, plus the flu one last October. Just before Christmas, we both had a massive dose of flu for 3 weeks. Got mixed feelings about this latest one. :pensive: :frowning_face:

I had 2 AZ jabs in 2020 and that was it. No Pfizer, no boosters. Turns out I was right about this too.

Tempting to start my own thread now on this but I don’t want to get banned again for unveiling the truth. A lot of people on here are now seeing this for what it is (thank God) … the big con.

Here is another revelation for you all…

Yesterday the ONS admitted that, when you are vaccinated with a COVID vaccine you are still classified as UNVACCINATED for the first 21 days after administration. Any death within 21 days of vaccination is then added to the “unvaccinated” statistics. This is the most likely explanation why so many “unvaccinated” people were in hospital at the start of the vaccine rollout, with the government using strap-lines like “98% of people in hospital are unvaccinated” etc.

They lied and lied and lied to us.

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I’ll not be having any more. That mRNA stuff is very bad news🤬

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Too right LD.

It wasn’t even tested on pregnant women - this has been admitted by Pfizer/Moderna recently. There’s been an increase of around 4000% in still births and miscarriages since the vaccines were introduced and even though we KNEW this was a huge risk (it was documented in the Pfizer safety data) the MHRA, FDA, EMA and the likes still pushed it saying it was safe.

I’ll say no more, I think I’ve made my point and I don’t want to hijack a thread anymore than I already have done.

The big questions people have is “where’s the outrage”… thats a simple one to answer.

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I have lost count of the number of covid vaccines I have had. At least 4. Three different vaccines and no side effects. I will be taking the spring booster when it becomes available.

At what point will the balance point be where the severity and risk from Covid, is less than the (Possible) long term effects of a cocktail vaccines???

That point has already been passed Spitty, with more people dying from the vaccines and the results of the lockdowns, than who actually died from covid.
You also must deduct the number of people who each winter would have died of the flu, but were registered as being covid deaths.