Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Good morning all, lovely and sunny here, a bit of a breeze, but yesturday was dreadful.
Did a load of washing this morning, all dry now and put away.
Having for dinner: Chicken Steak, Roast potatoes, Baked onion, Fine Beans and Carrots.
Might walk down to the Sea Wall later.
Have a nice day all.

Good afternoon all. Just started raining (again) so the intended pruning can wait for another day. Have a nice rest of the day all. :nerd_face:

Morning all.

No plans for today.

Good morning all.
Sunshine here and warm out, but will it last?
I can see some cloud coming this way from the west.
Of to Sainsburys when the school traffic dies down.
So that will be me for this morning.
I don’t know what plans my daughter has made for us, if anything.

Maybe a bunch of flowers or some planted spring bulbs later in the year to flower next year?

She doesn’t do gardening. And when I presented her with a bunch of flowers for walking Holly, she said ‘don’t do that again, will you?’ She was grateful, but just didn’t want me spending money on her like that.

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Morning all.

Cafe meet. Then I might go out to get some bread. Went to have some last night for supper and it was mouldy. Would have tried making some but it’s always a bit of a rush on Tuesdays.

Good morning all.
Dull and overcast here. Not raining at the moment.
Got a busy day. Got to make a phone all to my broadband provider, then later got to go visit the people that are supposingly repairing my car…
Then got a meet up with a friend to view some of the stuff of my daughters in-laws property.
Oh of course going to Sainsburys later with my daughter.

Morning all.

Going into Gorleston today and having lunch out for a change.

Its horrible here, raining, windy an cold.

Have a n ice day all.

Amyone know where JULY is hiding the sunshine.

Good morning all.
I have just seen the sun for a brief moment Kaz. But it has gone into hiding again.
Wednesday is the coffee and chat at the AgeUK. I expect that I shall be taking her down the road.
Not a lot going on at the moment.

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In Morrisons, having breakfast. Prices have gone up, again, so dreading the shopping. I wanted scrambled egg on toast but she put it through as the meal, more expensive. She said she could do it, as I thought, as an extra to the toast, but 2 big slices is enough. I was given six butter pats, and as they were rock hard have gone through nearly 4. Should have just had 1 slice. Sigh.

Morning, not too bad outside.

Got a load of washing on the line.

Yes had to change an app. was suppose to be having my haircut Friday morning, but the Hospital has just this second rung me, want me to go there to treat my Low Platelets.

Have a nice day all.

Susie, hope your appt goes ok on Friday.

Thanks Janet, |I will let you know what happens.

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Morning all.

No plans yet for the day, will just see what happens.

Morning all, was nice at 5am, sun gone now, dull and cloudy.

Nothing planned for today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
Blue sky and sunshine here, but will it last?
Plans for today. I don’t know why I make plans as they rarely work.
Still. Cleaning lady comes for her 2 hours,
Might be taking the car for the damage repair,
Daughter comes here for lunch, and then go down the road for more cleaning out stuff.

I might do some clearing out.

Good morning all, sun is out.

Leaving home at 8.30am this morning for Hospital app. then onto \Morrison’s, then Pharmacy.

Have a nice day all.