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Morning all. (@susiejaeger, where are you?)

Dog walk and breakfast done, so am spending a little more time on here, using the laptop today, rather than the ipad, to see if it’s any better. Later, I will try to post a photo or two, as a test, if I have any on this machine.

A roast dinner to cook later, having bought a stuffed chicken joint yesterday, on a late shopping trip to Morrisons (and PaH). @Barry, with a second helping of butterscotch Angel Delight, and banana! :smiley:

That flipping rain yesterday, caught us out each time we went for a walk, either just going, or on our way back, and it eventually passed over mid afternoon, hence my late shopping.

Phoned my brother around 5 for a little catch up then as I was cooking my dinner, allotment friend phoned, so asked if I could ring her back after I’d eaten. Then second call took me to around 9, and I still had to take H out again and do a mountain of washing up.

Morning Jan and all, still trying to find my way around here so will try to post more later.

Have a good day everyone :blush:

Hi Barry, Susie is still unsure about the new forum. Not sure if we will see her here, but she had a bad night anyway.

Realised Emjay is still missing, as well!

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Mmm, let’s hope we all get the hang of it, be nice to see them back.

Just back from Derby after fetching a chair for Rosemary’s dogshed, awful journey with heavy rain each way, but at least I’m home safe and there are crumpets for tea, so not all bad… :blush:

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@Jazzi I’m glad to see you and Barry keeping the Chit Chat going, Jazzi :+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@Mags, I hope we see more members on here.

Hopefully as members get used the the new forum. Jazzi :crossed_fingers:

Well l ain’t got much chit chat as lve been pottering around on this new fangled system all day!!
But it seems better than yesterday, still can’t create a new forum though ??
Hey ho!
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

Morning Donkeyman. Well I’ve only just learned how to put up a photo, thanks to @Azz.

My other fellow chit chatters seem to have got lost from one forum to this. Trying to persuade Susie to rejoin, and as for Emjay…as I no longer live just 10 minutes away from him… :thinking:

Morning Jan, and all else that venture to this backwater…

A brighter start here after yesterday’s storms, but at least it will spare the hosepipe again. :blush:

Tesco shopped, dogs walked, now having a brew before picking some more berries, the autumn raspberries are off to a good start and the blueberries continue ripening daily, all heading for the freezer for a bit of sunshine over winter…

Visitors for lunch today and Rosemary is making a pie for dessert after my lentil dhal main course.

Enjoy your day peeps.

Morning Barry. Thanks for helping to keep this thread going, though I don’t know if it will survive the move.

Your garden fruit crops sound grand! I am hoping for some blackberries and raspberries, and strawberries, eventually.

Hi Chatters :grin: I am hoping more of your regulars make it over here soon.
I have just been on OFF and Azz has put a header at the op of the forum page which I think should help some members to find their way over. I can see a number of them over there now they might need a bit of help from Azz.

butterscotch, that’s me! That sounds delicious.

Don’t mean to butt in. Just saw my name and thought I would say hi. :wave::sunglasses:

Hi Butterscotch and welcome to the fray… :blush:

Yes Jan, forgot to mention blackberries which are having a great year. I’m picking them every two days or so and already have two or three pounds, the freezer will be heaving by the time my fruit garden has finished this year.

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Thanks for the welcome. I’ll keep reading here to figure out what this thread is about.

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@butterscotch Hi Butterscotch :smiley: this thread is a new section of a very old long thread. It isn’t really about anything in particular, just friends catching up with each and their daily goings on . I am sure you will be a welcome addition to the chat…

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Thanks! That’s very kind. I’ll keep watching for a while. :blush:

@butterscotch I am afraid it is a bit slow going at the moment , some of the regulars have gone astray but we are sending a search party out shortly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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