Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Good morning all.
It is starting to cloud over here. Ah well that means summer is over.
Off to Morrisons later to get my meds if ready. Then on to Sainsburys.
I have got to sort out my pond pump. I just put it on and working ok now. But in about 2-3 hours, it slows down.
Later I shall strip it down to see if I can sort it out.

Morning all.

Only had time yesterday to do the library, then as planned, walked to the prom, for an ice cream and expensive hot donut (£1 each for the latter). Only had 1, at that price. By the time I walked back to the town centre, I had 5 minutes to catch the 11.50 bus. Didn’t want to hang about for another hour so rushed off to get it. Not like London where buses were like every 10 minutes. :roll_eyes:

Once home, I cooked another roast meal. Had bought an expensive take away of pie, mash n liquor to try, which I will have today. (A rip off. The mash is just a tiny scoop).

Cafe meet this morning. If quiet in the garden (which it wasn’t yesterday), I’d like to try sitting out there.

Emjay, trying putting your pump in an isolation box of some sort and / or not sitting on the pond bottom. I do this and it never blocks although my water is gin clear and no sludge as I am obsessive about having great filtration.

It is not sitting on the bottom. It is on bricks.
But what you say about isolation, makes me thing about a large plastic box with holes in it. I am going to strip the pump down to see if I can find any fault.

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Good morning all.
So all outside jobs are now put on hold.
I expect that later I shall accompany my daughter to Sainsbury’s for her shopping.

Was your Pie & Mash nice Janet.

Morning all.

Susie, no, it was vile. Talking to my friend in the shop she said her partner’s mate had said more or less the same thing. The liquor taste was peppery with maybe a hint of vinegar. Very low scoring indeed.

This morning I would like to drive to my favourite caravan park and see if I can book a couple of holidays. Next month and the 4 nights in October. Then Holly has her groom at 1pm, so I may as well go into Morrisons for lunch, to wait.

Morning Janet and those to come in yet.

Shame about the Pie & Mash.

What will you have in Morrison’s for lunch.

Its piddling down of rain here.

Off into Gorleston this morning to do shopping and to thee Pharmacy for our medications.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
I have got a cold. I just can’t think how or where I caught it.
Yesterday afternoon and evening it was horrible.
I dosed myself up when I went to bed, and this morning I feel much better.
Of course my daughter nagged me to do a Covid test, that I did, and it was negative.
I don’t know yet if I will go to the Wednesday AgeUK .

Get well soon, Emjay.

Susie, I have just checked the Morrisons menu and I don’t fancy anything on there! I had beans on toast for breakfast to use up the beans so don’t really want toast again. The main meals aren’t offering much of a choice and prices seem to have gone up. I’ll see if there are any sandwiches on offer.

Just waiting for the time to drag by before we go. Holly seems ready now but it is still raining.

Morning all.

I managed to lose Holly’s Julius K9 harness yesterday. The groomer doesn’t have it, it’s not in the car or in any bag I took out with me. And nobody has responded on social media. I may take her to Pets at Home today and buy a cheaper version. I have had to adjust her collar now her fur has been clipped as it was almost slipping over her ears on the walk afterwards, so a harness is a must. This could turn out to be an expensive grooming session!

Good morning all.

Its peeing down here, not going out today.

Hope you get a harness for holly.

Have a nice day all.

Emjay, hope you are feeling a bit better this orning.

Good morning all.
It is also raining here, but not a lot at the moment.
So I decided to do my morning stroll around the fields.
My cold is so much better.
The cleaning lady comes this morning. That’s good as she did not come last week. She was not well.
I am hoping that the relay switch gets delivered today. That is for the alarm system for the front door. The present one is sticking, and I have to kick it when it don’t reset.

Afternoon all, rainy day Thursday here. ugh. … :-1:

Rained here most of the day. Got wet twice on dog walks. Dry now, thankfully.

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Awesome Zac… :rofl:

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Been awake since 5.30. Grrr.

A sunny day, by the looks of things. I will take Holly to Pets at Home, try and get a replacement harness for her, a cheaper one. Not forking out for a Julius K9 when her lost one is out there somewhere.

Morning all, nice and sunny here.

Good luck Janet, in getting Holly a new one and I bet the old one will turn up.

Nothing planned for today.

Have a nice day all.

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