Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Morning all.

Might go out shopping today. Might not. Depends how tired I am. Realised today I am overdue for a blood test to check my iron levels. I am taking a letter to my surgery tomorrow so will ask if the form is still on my records. If so, I will ask for an appt. I have forgotten to take my iron supplement for months now, so maybe need it again. I was falling asleep yesterday afternoon and evening. Kinda makes sense if I’m low again.

Good morning all.

Off to the supermarket at 8am this morning, do our weekly shopping.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
Just had a nice quite walk round the field. Very peaceful, because the school was quiet.
Nice blue sky and it felt quite warm.
I am going to Sainsburys shortly. They are open today.

Good morning all.

The sun came out but it rained at the same time, now cloudy.

Popping into Town this morning at 10.15am.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Good morning all.
Sunshine and showers here at the moment. Ah! Of course it’s April and we have to get showers. It’s like the song.
No plans yet for today. I have just watered my orchids, all 16 of them.

Good morning all, raining here.
We are off into Gorleston this morning, need to go to Morrison’s, Iceland and QD, then to pop a prescription into the Chemist.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
It’s the coffee and chat at the AgeUK this morning.
Looking forward to seeing and chatting to other old people.
Got a bread being made and should be finished before I go out.
Weather don’t look good, and have seen a few people walking past with their umbrellas up. But it ain’t raining.

Morning all.

Going to town briefly, this morning. Unsure if half hour free parking will be sufficient. Want to collect a reserved book from library, then do some photos in the PO. Reckon half hour might be pushing it, so spose will have to pay £1.50 for 2 hours. Back in the car to get to my surgery, to collect something, then will pop round to sister’s house, to check all ok, and the electric. The nieces can’t get up here for awhile yet.

Is your sister house up for sale ow then @Jazzi and are the cats still there?

Yes, and no. The cats went to the Blue Cross days after my sister died, and have since both been rehomed, as they are now off the homing page. The house was put on the market in the weeks following the funeral. Problem is, potential viewers keep cancelling, judging by the texts my niece receives!!

My youngest niece, who the cats belonged to originally, spent ages (like me) phoning around for a charity able to take them, and unbeknownst to me had arranged to drop them off in Ipswich, which can be on their way home. She said, when I was at the house, the cats were her priority, which is why she made her way from her own home to stay at my sister’s overnight. I was so relieved, though I would have gone over to see to them however long it took.

Sis died on Thursday, cats went on the Sunday.

Anyways, morning all.

Having my hair cut at 10, need to fold up yesterday’s washing, update my spend and cash books. And rummage in the shed for the fruit cage parts. It has been sold to the lady who bought stuff off me at the allotment. Just the greenhouse for me to dismantle now and bring home.

Ooer, it’s come over all dark!!! Reckon it’ll chuck down again.

Good morning all, it poured down just a minute ago, even lightening.
Off out this morning to the Hospital for X-Rays on both my Hips.

Glad your Sister Cats have both been rehomed.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
It is not raining here at the moment, but it could anytime.
I am waiting for the cleaning lady, and I have to take her to my daughters, as she is doing hers today.
She will do mine tomorrow.
My daughter comes home early tomorrow morning.
I have been ordered to change the clocks, and set up the heating for her.

Good luck Susie. And one clap of thunder, lol.

Well done

Good morning everybody.

I’m off to one of our nearby towns to have lunch with a new friend. We met at one of my groups & got on well together.
I’ve asked daughter Karen to call in on Tony - he gets lonely without me but I do need to get away sometimes.

No other plans except maybe take Tony a walk round the park when I get back.

Suzie good luck with the xrays. I’m guessing they may be looking for arthritis in your hips…

Welcome to Champbob.

Have a good day all…

I’m back from the Hospital, yes Carol probably Arthritis or they will say Wear and Tear.

Have a nice time with your friend.

Welcome aboard Champbob.

Morning all.

Joining three ladies from the coffee groups this morning for a quiz. Should be fun. It starts at 10 so got up early. Well, been awake since before 6, but tried to have a lie in.

Good morning all.
Welcome to Champbob, whoever you may be.
Right, all chores were done at my daughters yesterday, and she is now home.
I expect I shall be seeing her later.
Lisa our cleaning lady is coming early to me this morning.
Do you know that it is difficult to find and buy a decent Mantle clock?
The one I have has chimed it’s last. I mean it’s only 35 years old.
So I have ordered a new replacement electric innards, that I shall fit when I get it.