Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Good morning all.
Also for me Sainsburys shortly for my weekly shop. I have a long list today.
Also a visit to Costco is on the plans today.
Got to take my meds repeat prescription to the chemist in Morrison.
Have to sort out my car insurance.
Weather is ok here at the moment.

Not got the hoover out yet. Prepped veg for the cooked lunch, and will shortly see about clearing the fridge. Bin day tomorrow so an ideal day. I cram my fridge so much that…well…lol.

Good morning everybody.

Tony & I are having a boring day today.

Lot’s of housework needs doing but we’ll try to fit in a walk round the park.

Have a good day all…

Thank you Jazzi. x


Octopus were supposed to be here today to fit my smart meters.

No one has called to say they would not be coming and nobody has visited

I would say Swimmers (That’s not very Smart) !!!

We have waited 3 years for an Engineer to come down and fix our Smart Metre and still waiting.

Morning all.

Off into Gorleston this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Cafe meet then after lunch I think I’d best clean the bathroom.

Good morning all.
It’s overcast and a bit colder this morning.
I have done my walk and there seems to be a load more Canada geese on the field.
Shopping with my daughter this morning. I go with her so she can have me use the ‘smart’ checkout device.
Also this afternoon I am going to my friend down the road for tea, cake, and a natter.

Good morning everybody.

A trip to our nearby town to post a parcel & plans to get the car cleaned.

Think I might call in the Card Factory shop & get some Christmas cards before the rush.

Have a good day all…

Good morning all.

Off into Town this morning, got to pick up a ring that I put into repair, one of my Emerald stones fell out and lost, costing me £45.00.

Carol, my Xmas Cards have already been written out, I did them two days ago.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
I still have what feels like a lump of coal in my chest. I woke me up in the night with a coughing bout.
On my own going to the Wednesday club.
Her down the road has a cold. I ain’t saying nothing, but I suspect that she could have what I have got.
It would seem that there is a lot of it going around.
It was sunny earlier, but now has clouded over.

Morning all.

Popping round to sis shortly before she goes off to work. I have a replacement iPad case for her and am hoping she can swap my PJs for a smaller size. If not, I will have to make do somehow.

Then I will go on to Tescos for some cereals. Have now run out.

Washing done, hanging up, dehumidifier going.

Dog wants to play.

All the tentacles they’ve got they should be able to do it in next to no time!

Morning all.

Off into town early morning.

Hi all lfriend just mailed me said there was hardly any more homes for sale in Cornwall right now - is that true??

Good morning all.
I really had a good night. Only woke up once in the night for a short coughing session.
The weather here is good here at the moment.
I have just started to prune some of my apple tree. It good to know what needs to be done to it. Pity that I don’t. I just cut the bits that seem to want to poke my eyes out as I pass it.
No cleaning lady today as she seems to have a dose of the cold that is doing the rounds.

Morning all, couldn’t come on here earlier, I ran out of time.

Had an appointment for 9am at Kirkley Eye Diabetic Screening, all done now, he said I had slight Cataracts in both eyes, nothing to worry about yet.

Having a cup of tea now.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Was so tired last night I put Emmerdale on to record, had a doze then got Holly out and was in bed before 9.30. Up many times in the night, so didn’t get up till 8.15. Watching classic Doctors and not yet walked Holly or had breakfast.

Love being retired and pleasing myself.

My WFP went in today. Had to check my bank account as waiting for an Amazon refund.

No plans for today.

Good morning all.
Quite latish this morning, as did not have a good night. Also I had to do a few urgent jobs.
I have lots of bits on the pond from the silver birch tree in the car park. So I put the hose on and washed most of it away as the pond overflowed.
I am still ‘feeding’ the rats that are now not taking the baits home, but nibbling in situ.
I have made up a potion of my own design, that the seem to enjoy.
It is non poisonous to humans, or rats realy.
A couple of tablespoons of flour, some yeast, sugar, and ground up chocolate. I will let you figure out how it works.
Lunch later with my daughter at Morrisons. No dinner there this evening as SIL is not well. I think he has what I have got

Chocolate cake Emjay?

Hope your SIL gets better and yourself.