Boris to resign today

Yes, I think he’s probably playing for time and trying to sleaze out of it

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Boris thinks he is being clever.

He is absolutely delusional in this respect.

He simply does not understand what is coming his way.

We have very angry people like Ripple and others, justifiably so.

They obeyed the rules and endured horrendous distress to meet the rules when Boris was partying.

This also applied to the Queen.

Boris is finished, there is no coming back from the utter contempt that he treated people with.

It is over, it really is as simple as that.

The little people are not idiots and we are the ones who put the x in the box.

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Totally agree. It’s a one way street. I’m unclear on why people keep focusing on Brexit when the political/economic order of the whole world is shifting.

@May, Pixie, Maree… I had a lot of fun with that Jonathan Pie video.
I posted it on three forums just to see the reactions, very very different, only one lady loved it :clap:

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That’s as may be but it’s totally bad news for the country to have a leadership vacuum at such a time. It’s clear that something has hit the fan at the treasury. It was only a matter of time. I have a feeling this resignation is more about money than anything else. Bo had a way of ignoring the detail and finance is not his strong point. Prepare for a winter of discontent.

Barclay is in charge of the NHS :

By the time he moved to the Treasury, he was prepared to push back against requests for funding for the health service – including the vaccine programme, which was not signed off officially for ages on the basis of ‘value for money’. By the time the money for the resources had gained official approval, the NHS had already vaccinated close to a million people. Barclay also gained a reputation for taking a close interest in the operational workings of individual hospitals.

Which “Party” was that?

Yes, he was. Every MP is elected except those in the House of Lords.


Not really, sharing a wicked sense of humour with people is what helps me to tick :alarm_clock:
I find it difficult to relate to people if I can’t have a laugh with them.
Is that unusual do you think?

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No, I think most people are like that but you’re never going to get a laugh out of some people, that stick goes all the way up!

I saw the reactions on one place you posted it and I still say, naughty! You knew it would make them go all pursey lipped :rofl:

Did I?
Well they didn’t disappoint me then!!!

Does that mean what I think it means???
Now who’s naughty! :rofl::rofl:

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I was just browsing the ABC’s Youtube channel. If you think Boris is big news in the UK look at him here.

10 videos about Boris in the 20 videos on the page. That’s not selective editing that’s the order in which they were published. Amazing!

Yesterday’s man … :yawning_face:

Boris is now a fully blown Ex-Centric.


Not exactly sure about that.

He has appointed a Cabinet and packed it with his allies.

He does not have many departmental ministers and it is these that do the work.

Parliament breaks up in a fortnight, so no PMQ and no Parliamentary Control.

He has almost total control for 10 weeks and he can do an awful lot in that time.


Well the old adage be careful of what you wish for comes to mind, his colleagues sowed the wind.

The remoaners will jump on anything they can dig up to support their blatherings!

Ooer! Sounds painful.

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I was delighted to read that:

A wedding party for Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie will no longer be held at the prime minister’s country house following criticism of the venue choice.

BJ will now seek a “sponsor” … :wink:

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Oh dear,how very dare They,after Him thanking the staff so nicely too :grinning:

After watching His speech I get the feeling He would have
loved to have given a two fingered salute instead of a wee wave when He turned to go inside…Methinks He was telling those who turned on Him " I’ll be back"…ooer!
Watch out for BJs revenge,

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